D Pigment Serum 50ml

Avene D-Pigment Brightening Serum 50 ml brightens skin and is suitable for use on sensitive skin. Use it to even out your complexion.

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Avene D-Pigment Brightening Serum 50 ml

Detailed Description:
[email protected]: brightening skin care specifically designed for sensitive skin.Fragrance-free.Properties: this light and non-greasy serum is highly concentrated in actives (precursor of stabilized Vitamin C, myrtle plant extract, Avene thermal spring water) to keep the complexion clear and even-toned.Results: day after day, the complexion is evened out and increasingly radiant.Formulated to minimize the risks of allergic reactions - non-comedogenic.Avene Dermatological Laboratories.Thermal spring water for sensitive skin.Avene-les-bains.The hydrotherapy center dedicated to the skin.The Avene thermal spring rises in Southern France, at the foot of the Cevennes mountains in, in the Orb Valley.The water wells up, clear and pure, from the depth of the mountains, where it has been trickling for over 40 years.The thermal spring water has been used for centuries. In 1874, the French government officially declared the hydrotherapy center to be of "public interest".Today, the hydrotherapy center treats many patients with dermatological disorders where they benefit from the known properties of Avene thermal spring water. The hydrotherapy center also offers the sensicure, a customized daily relaxing experience.The hydrotherapy center for sensitive skin.Avene thermal spring water.Soothing and anti-irritating.It is clear, bacteriologically pure, with a pH close to neutral. It has a low mineral content and incorporates essential trace elements and silica, leaving a thin softening and protecting film on the skin. The soothing and anti-irritating properties of Avene thermal spring water have been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies with the following results:A decreased reaction in skin cells implicated in skin hypersensitivity.An improvement in the quality of the skin surface.These unique and exceptional properties make it the ideal treatment for sensitive, irritated or damaged skin, which it soothes, comforts and softens.For optimal safety, the Avene thermal spring water is constantly controlled by the Water Research Center, strategically located between the spring and the production plant. Aside from this role, it also works with experts in water and the Pierre Fabre Research group to continue research on the unique genesis and properties of this water. It also provides training and publishes scientific data.Sensitive skin:A field for experts:Sensitive skin tends to overreact to external factors (sun, cold, heat, pollution, ill-adapted products) or internal (stress, food, alcohol). The skin itches, pulls, gets red easily and is uncomfortable. These reactions can affect all types of skin at one time or another.In order to soothe and protect sensitive skin, Avene Dermatological Laboratories have formulated a line of dermo-cosmetic products following a stringent quality charter, based on Avene thermal spring water. Among these products is a complexion correction line called couvrance.The Avene quality charter.Avene, the hydrotherapy center dedicated to dermatology.A protected environment.Internationally renowned.A water research center.Avene thermal water, a spring declared to be of "public interest" since 1874.Constantly controlled active water.Unique composition.Soothing, anti-irritating.A skin care line based on the water.Developed for the most sensitive or intolerant skin.Validated by stringent tests of effectiveness, tolerance and hypoallergenicity.Tested under dermatological control.Gentle formulas and textures developed to comfort sensitive skin.The strengths of the Pierre Fabre Research.Rigorously selected innovative ingredients.International experts.Expert knowledge in the field of dermo-cosmetics.A cosmetic vigilance committee at your service.Cutaneous pigmentation:What gives skin its color?The skin's color is genetically determined and varies depending on the individual. It is due to the presence in the epidermis of a pigment called melanin.What is the function of cutaneous pigmentation?Pigmentation plays an essential role in the skin's natural protection against ultraviolet light (UV). Tanning is thus the skin's response to sun exposure, consisting in protecting the cells against the acute effects of UV light: the amount of melanin increases, giving the skin its darker shade.Why do spots appear on the skin?Skin spots, also referred to as hyperpigmentation, are due to an imbalance in the cutaneous pigmentation mechanism: excessive production or poor distribution of melanin in the skin.What causes pigmentation spots to form?Excessive, repeated or unprotected sun exposure is the main culprit for the appearance of spots, given that the sun stimulates pigmentation (the skin's natural photoprotection). These spots are located in the most uncovered skin areas: the face, back of the hands, chest.Other causes associated with sun exposure can also promote the appearance of spots:Cutaneous aging linked to the process of aging.Hormonal upheavals (following pregnancy, taking progestagens or oral contraceptives), which cause a symmetrical intensification in facial pigmentation.Photo-sensitizing products (perfume, some medicines...).Inflammatory stimulations (acne lesions, burns, eczema...).What are the possible treatments?A diagnosis by a dermatologist is recommended to identify the origin of the spots, and thereby determine the most appropriate and effective treatments. Treatment can be administered by a dermatological procedure (laser, liquid nitrogen, peels...) or by prescribing a product for local application (cream or lotion prepared generally in a pharmacy and known under the name of the Kligman trio). Cosmetic care is offered for use alone, as a complement or follow-up to treatment in order to prolong its effects. For optimal treatment effectiveness, it is essential to reduce sun exposure and apply suitable sun protection.The Laboratories Dermatologiques Avene response:For the first time, Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avene have formulated a specific care for the treatment of epidermal hyperpigmentations. Based on the principle of three ingredients scientifically recognized by dermatologists, this product works on different levels thanks to the combination of 3 effective molecules (PFDC patent(1)):Melanyde, a powerful depigmenting ingredient, slows down the activity of the enzyme responsible for melanin formation.Pre-tocopheryl(1), a powerful antioxidant, works in synergy with Melanyde to diminish excess melanin production and thereby help prevent the accentuation and appearance of new spots.Retinaldehyde(1), a pro-active Vitamin A derivative, completes the effectiveness of the treatment by stimulating cell renewal, thus also facilitating the elimination of excessively melanin-charged cells: spots are visibly attenuated.Finally, Avene thermal spring water confers this treatment with its clinically demonstrated, soothing and anti-irritant properties.(1)Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique registered patent. Retinaldehyde provides the formula with a light shade.What are the expected benefits?The effectiveness of D-pigment was clinically proven under dermatological control. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.Which treatments form the range?Rich texture for dry to very dry skin: enriched with nourishing plant oil, this treatment leaves the skin supple and comfortable.Light texture for normal to combination skin: enriched with seburn-absorbent capsules, this treatment leaves the skin soft and mattified.Laboratories dermatologiques Avene program.Morning - during the day - evening:Sun protection: SPF50+ (emulsion, cream) or SPF50 (tinted compact) spot concealment: couvrance coral conceal stick - couvrance coral concealer stick couvrance compact foundation creams - d-pigment.Will this care have a depigmenting effect on skin areas with no spots?No, because skin color is genetically determined. The skin will hence continue to produce so-called melanin, which corresponds to its normal, natural and constant activation.How can the appearance or reappearance of new spots be avoided?Protection and vigilance are the key words in avoiding the appearance or multiplication of dark spots. It is necessary to reduce sun exposure and use appropriate sun protection. It is also advised to regularly apply an anti-spot dermocosmetic treatment that evens out the skin.

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50 ml e

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Marketing description:
Eau Thermale.Avene.D-pigment.Brightening serum.For sensitive skin.Paris.


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Usage instructions:
Directions for use: apply 2 doses morning and evening to the entire face and neck. Use daily all year round.How to use?Apply in the evening to the concerned localized or extensive areas. Regular and prolonged use combined with daily sun protection, is the guarantee of optimal effectiveness.Formulated to minimize risks of allergy. Avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid sun exposure. Use an appropriate sun protection product. In case of stinging, reduce the frequency of applications. Do not apply when pregnant.

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Avene Thermal Spring Water, Triethylhexanoin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, PEG-12, Cyclohexasiloxane, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Sorbitan Stearate, BHT, Carbomer, Ceteareth-20, Chlorphenesin, Myrtus Communis Leaf Extract, O-Phenylphenol, Phenoxyethanol, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate, Water.

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