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5 tips to help your baby socialise with other children

16 April 2020 | by Megan Faure

Does your baby struggle to interact with their peers? Here’s how to encourage them to join in.


QUESTION: We’re going on holiday with another family, but my child doesn’t always socialise well with other children. How can I encourage them to join in with the activities?

"Babies do have different personalities, and slow-to-warm-up and sensitive babies don't engage with gusto," explains childcare expert Megan Faure. "The sensory aspect of socialisation overwhelms sensitive babies, while slow-to-warm-up babies hang back until they establish whether the social situation is safe."

The following tips from Faure may help your baby socialise better with their peers:

1. Establish your baby’s sensory profile

Read Your Sensory Baby (Meg Faure, DK) to establish their sensory personality. Understanding their sensory personality goes a long way in creating rewarding social interaction.

2. Ensure they get enough sleep

Watch their awake times on holiday and make sure they have age-appropriate day sleeps. They will have more positive interactions when rested than if they're overtired.

3. Help them get comfortable with their peers

Sit with them on the floor with the other kids until they feel comfortable enough to get involved in their play. Be patient, as this may take a while.

4. Try to go away with a family who has a settled or calm baby

This will obviously be less threatening and they will have a more positive social experience.

5. Give them a sense of security

Do this by being positive about interacting with their little friends and give them positive words for what is going on in their playtime.

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