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Curl Secret Ionic

BaByliss Curl Secret Auto-Curl Technology Automatic Curler creates the perfect curls with lasting hold.

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BaByliss Curl Secret Auto-Curl Technology Automatic Curler

Detailed Description:
Automatic curler.It's magical! Create gorgeous and long lasting curls effortlessly, thanks to the 100% automatic operating mode.Ionic setting: eliminates static for a perfect frizz-free finish.Professional quality heating element for fast and lasting results.Temperature selector: 210 degrees C and 230 degrees C.Ceramic coating for softer, shinier and better protected hair.Heat time settings for creating various curl year guarantee.End-of-life electrical and electronic equipment.In everybody's interest and to participate actively in protecting the environment:Do not discard your products with your household waste.Use the return and collection systems available in your country.Some materials can in this way be recycled or the BaByliss Curl Secret® ionic styler, easily create beautiful curls with long-lasting effect. No tedious handling, no complicated move, the Curl Secret® ionic makes gorgeous curls thanks to its clever automatic system.Read the safety instructions first.Product features:Ceramic coating (1).Fast heat up (max. 230 degrees C).0-I-II switch: 2 heat settings - 210 degrees C (I) - 230 degrees (II) (2).3 timer settings (8, 10 and 12 seconds) with audio beep indicator for various curl effects (3).Ionic technology: shine and antistatic.Operated indication light (LED) (4).Automatic shut off.Swivel cord (5).Cleaning tool (6).Please keep his warranty card with your original proof of purchase.BaByliss guarantees easier contact with its customer services in every country. For details of the customer services in your area, call: 00 800 5000 6000.Check our website offers you a 3-year warranty against all defects or faults in manufacturing or materials. To benefit from the warranty, the original proof of purchase (sales ticket receipt) must be attached to this warranty slip along with your full contact details. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, falls, dismantling, or repair by unauthorized persons. Standard repairs or exchanges during the warranty period will not affect the expiry date of this warranty. This guarantee in no way affects your rights under statutory

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Marketing description:
BaByliss® Paris.Curl Secret®.Ionic.Antistatic.Auto-Curl™ technology.Ceramic.Perfect curls, lasting hold.210 degrees C & 230 degrees C.


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Usage instructions:
1. Place the section of hair through the centre of the appliance.2. Press the handles and wait until the 'Beep'.3. Open the handles to release the curl.Use:Note:When using the unit for the first time, you might notice a little smoke and a distinct odour: this is common and will disappear in the following use.When using the unit, you might see some steam. Do not be concerned, this could be because of evaporation of the sebum, some residual hair products (leave-in hair care, hairspray, etc.) or excess water that is evaporating from your hair.It is possible to use a heat protection spray for optimal protection of the hair.The ionic generator inside the unit releases frizz-controlling ions on to the hair to give a smooth, shiny finish when styling. Note: There will be a slight buzzing sound from the styler which is from the ionic generator releasing the ions. This is normal.Plug in the appliance, switch on and select the desired temperature using the 0-I-II switch. See table below:Temperature - hair type:(I): 210 degrees C - fine, lightened and/or damaged hair.(II): 230 degrees C - normal, thick, wavy, curly and/or coloured hair.The indicator light comes on and will start to flash.The indicator light will stop flashing when the appliance has heated up to the selected temperature. The appliance is now ready to use; the indicator light will stay on.Select the time setting depending on the desired curl effect. For loose curls, select the minimal time setting. For more defined curls, select the maximal time setting. Please refer to the table below:Time - audio beep indicator - curl effect:8 seconds - 3 beeps - loose waves.10 seconds - 4 beeps - soft curls.12 seconds - 5 beeps - defined curls.Ensure the section of hair is clean, dry and perfectly combed through.Clip the upper layers to the top of your head to work first with the layers underneath.Separate a section of hair no bigger than 3 cm. Ensure the section is combed through.The appliance must be positioned into the hair with the cylinder facing towards the head. (Fig 1, 2).The hair section must be straight and placed neatly through the centre of the appliance, between the handles.Once the hair is in place, close the handles to allow the hair to be automatically taken into the appliance.Note: If you continue to hold the hair section after closing the handles then the styler will stop and beep to indicate that you must release the tension on the hair. (Fig 3, 4). If you have taken too much hair (a section of hair bigger than 3 cm) or the hair is not neatly going through the centre of the appliance, the styler will again stop and beep to indicate a problem. This safety feature ensures that there will be no tangles.Continue to hold the handles closed until the end of the individual beeps (after 3, 4 or 5 beeps depending on the selected time setting, see the table hereabove).Release the appliance from the hair by opening the handles fully. Do not pull away the appliance from the hair, it will straighten the curl out (Fig 5).Allow your hair to cool before handling or combing.Repeat around the head until you have the amount of curls desired.Note: the styler is equipped with an alternating curl direction automatic system for a natural finish (Fig 6).After use, switch off and unplug the appliance. Allow to cool before storing away.Sleep mode: if the appliance is not used for more than 20 minutes the temperature will automatically drop down to 150 degrees C. If you wish to continue using the appliance after this time, simply close then release the handles and it will return to the temperature setting you were using it on.Auto shut off: if the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuously, it will automatically switch off.Cleaning and maintenance: in order to prevent a build-up of residue from hair products that would not allow the appliance to work properly, it is very important to use the cleaning tool included to regularly clean the appliance.Ensure the appliance is switched off, unplugged and cool.Lightly dampen the cleaning tool with warm water and mild soap.Insert the tool fully into the cavity formed by the appliance and the cylinder (Fig 7).Rotate the tool around the cylinder to remove any build-up of hair products. (Fig 8).Remove the cleaning tool from the cavity.Ensure the appliance has dried thoroughly before re-using.The cleaning tool can be used numerous times; just remove the felt pad, rinse it in warm soapy water and leave to dry before using again.Once unplugged and cooled, the appliance housing may be wiped with a damp cloth. Ensure the appliance is completely dry before plugging it in again.

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