A DIY guide for perfect post-lockdown hands

29 April 2020 | By Anna-Bet Stemmet

Even though things are up in the air right now, the time will come when our hands will see the light of day once more. While you’re staying at home during the lockdown period, there are a few simple ways to prepare your hard-working hands for their imminent time in the limelight. 


Set the scene for future manicures

Gel treatments and nail polishes are a wonderful way to keep your nails picture-perfect, but since there are limitations on what we’re able to purchase at the moment, beauty therapist Martie Olivier says its best to go au natural for the moment.

“As beauty therapists, we’re all eager to open our doors, but we also understand that now is the time to band together to flatten the curve and protect the most vulnerable members of our society. While you’re at home waiting out the lockdown, you can set the scene for future manicures by keeping your nails and cuticles in good condition. Push back your cuticles regularly, use a nail oil to improve overall condition, and polish your nails using a buffer if you’re craving a bit of shine.”

Invest in a very good moisturiser

“The absolute best thing you can do for your hands at the moment is to invest in the best moisturiser possible. We are all washing our hands more often, and using hand sanitiser when we go to the shops, to disinfect our groceries and surfaces at home, etc. This has the potential to dry out the skin on your hands quite drastically if you don’t counteract the assault on your skin barrier with a high-quality moisturiser,” explains Martie.

“Your best course of action is to use moisturiser every time you’ve washed your hands – just take care to dry your hands properly first. If you’re carrying your moisturiser with you, it’s also important to remember to disinfect the tube or container regularly, especially if you’re being charitable and sharing it with friends and family now and again.”

Protect against sun damage (even in winter)

“If you’re spending some more time outside on your balcony or in the garden at the moment, remember to apply sunscreen to your hands. We may be headed into winter, but extended periods of sun exposure can still lead to premature aging of the skin in the long run,” advises Martie.

“In fact, I also recommend that my clients wear sunscreen when driving in the car, even over short distances to the shops and back. Conventional car windows block UVB warning rays, but still lets through UVA rays that damage the skin on a deeper level and causes skin aging if you don’t keep your hands protected.”

IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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