Easy nail art to try at home

08 November 2019 | Leigh van den Berg

You don’t need to be a pro manicurist to create eye-catching nail art. We’ve got some gorgeous, simple ideas you (yes, you!) can do at home.

Think head-turning nail art is something you can only get at a specialist salon? You’re wrong! There are lots of ways to create striking looks at home, even if you don’t have a steady hand or aren’t in the least bit creatively inclined.

Cool FX

One of the easiest ways to rock a look with minimal fuss is to paint your nails as you would normally and then switch things up with a flashy top coat. Look out for those that promise not-the-norm finishes like a holographic effect, matte or lots of glitter. You can layer it over all your nails, or just dress up one to create a statement. 

Another quick trick? While your nails are still wet, dust a little glittery pigment over the entire nail bed or just the tips to create an ombre effect. Once it’s dry, seal it with a high shine topcoat and you’ll be set to sparkle. 


Once you’ve got your nail polish sorted, it’s time to get creative with embellishments. All you need is a little nail glue and you can attach anything from tiny pearls and sequins to baby rhinestones to your nails. 

Not keen to fuss with glue? Simply buy a pack of nail art stickers, press them onto your nail and lock them down with a slick of topcoat. 

Instant flash 

Want look-at-me nails but don’t have time to create them? This is where press-on nails come in handy. The quickest to use are those that already have a glue pad on the back. Just peel off the protective paper, position it on your nail bed and press down to secure your insta-mani in seconds.


IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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