Find your fragrance personality with Aramis

01 April 2019 | By The Clicks Beauty Team

Not sure where to start on your search for your new signature scent? Find your perfect fragrance to match your personality with Aramis.


The best investments in every man’s life are a custom-tailored suit and an expensive cologne. It’s like buying the best first impression.”- Massimo Ferragamo

Citrus and woody fragrances

Key characteristics 

Aromatic Fougere. Crisp Citrus. Romantic. Passionate

A twist of zesty lemon and lime notes combined with rich textured sandalwood, patchouli, or a hint of leather, for a classic, nubile sent. Crafted with the modern, evolved and sophisticated gentleman in mind.

ShopGentleman's Collection Tuscany Per Uomo Eau De Toilette // Classic Eau De Toilette 

Green and herbaceous fragrances

Key characteristics

Relaxed. Rich. Fresh. Crisp

Scents with popular notes such as sage, succulent geranium, chamomile, basil and patchouli to create sophisticated herbaceous-woody fragrances. A hint of fresh grass combined with the magic of warm spices such as Sandalwood. For the gentleman looking for a classic scent, with a twist of the unexpected.

ShopGentleman's Collection Eau De Toilette Devin // Gentleman's Collection Eau De Toilette 900 // Classic Eau De Toilette 

Spicy, woody and oriental fragrances

Key characteristics

Rich. Warm. Bold. Seductive. Indulgent 

Scents with a rich presence, using the intoxicating aroma of spice blends and woody notes for the gentleman who wants to leave an unforgettable impression.

ShopTobacco Reserve Eau De Parfum // Special Blend Eau De Parfum // Classic Eau De Toilette 

Leather chypre fragrance

Key characteristics

Timeless. Distinctly masculine. Sophisticated. Crisp

Aromatic notes combined with superior leather ingredients. Aramis Classic has a masculine appeal and cool sophistication.  A distinctly masculine scent for the modern gentleman who likes to stay in-the-know of timeless style.

ShopClassic Eau De Toilette 

Artisanal fragrance

Key characteristics

Masculine.  Bespoke. Subtle. Captivating

Crafted with reserve blend whiskey notes for an urbane quality and a long-lasting and intensely masculine impact. A rich and refined extension of Aramis Classic, inspired by the modern gentleman who appreciates the finer, bespoke luxuries in life.  

ShopSpecial Blend Eau De Parfum 

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