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03 April 2019 | By The Clicks Beauty Team

Trying to find your new signature scent – but, overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices on the shelf? The experts at DKNY are on hand to help you find your new fragrance BFF.


Citrus floral fragrances

Featuring succulent mandarin and sensual florals, this is a scent that vibrantly comes to life on your skin.

For the woman who is: Energetic. Captivating. Intoxicating. 

Your perfect fragrance: DKNY Women Energizing Eau de Parfum

Floral fragrances

Light-hearted, feminine-floral scents, these are enhanced with juicy fruit notes for a scintillating sensorial experience.  

For the woman who is: Vibrant.  Sensual. Soft.

Your perfect fragrance: DKNY Stories Eau de Toilette or DKNY Golden Delicious Eau de Parfum

Floral, fruity fragrances

Blooming bright florals are blended with delicious, sweet, and charming fruit notes to create a spirited and playful fragrance for the dynamic, trendy, go-getter in you. 

For the woman who is: Intoxicating. Irresistible. Adventurous.

Your perfect fragrance: DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum, DKNY Nectar Love Eau de Parfum or DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau de Parfum

Oriental gourmand fragrances

Oriental Gourmand is rooted in juicy fruits for an addictive fragrance. Exotic patchouli,  creamy vanilla and enchanting spices for a heart-racing sensory experience. 

For the woman who is: Seductive. Lush. Flirty.

Your perfect fragrance: DKNY Be Tempted Eau de Parfum

Oriental floral fragrances

For the woman who is: Sophisticated. Addictive. Warm.

Your perfect fragrance: DKNY Stories Eay de Toilette

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