How to get the big, bouncy blowdry of your dreams

07 November 2019 | By Reneé Fortune

There’s something unmistakably magical about a fresh blowdry. There’s no need to wait until your next salon visit to get that feeling – here’s how to get the perfect blowdry at home.


It’s that “look-at-me,” feeling you get when you step out with hair that catches the breeze perfectly because it’s full of life and volume. And we believe, whether you’re new to the delight that is the blowdry or you’re a pro when it comes to handling a hairdryer, everyone should be able to get a big, bouncy blowdry from the comfort of their own home. We asked Gary Rom, CEO of Gary Rom Hairdressing for his tips on how to do exactly that. 

Prep your hair to handle the heat

If you’re buying a hairdryer or heat-styling product for the first time, there’s one thing you can’t leave the store without. And that’s a heat protection product. Here’s why: 
“Dryers reach a temperature of around 80 – 100 degrees. Irons can reach up to 230 degrees. When one considers that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, it becomes vitally important to protect against heat appliances. There are numerous creams and lotions that one can apply. Mist Hydrate from the Gary Rom range is a best seller in our salon group,” said Gary. 

Do it in sections

When you’re creating a big, bouncy blowdry at home, remember, clips are your best friend. Why? Because the best way to blowdry your hair is one section at a time. Don’t be tempted to dry your hair all in one go. A good blowdry takes a little bit more patience. As Gary explains:
“Make sure that your hair is detangled to start with. Also, use sectioning clips to clip most of the hair away when you start. Always use clean sections, meaning that you should use a comb to actually section the hair smoothly. When the hair is ‘messy,’ the blow dry invariably does not last very long.”

Master the art of the inch

When blowdrying your hair, practice patience and really ensure that the hair is being straightened, volumized and dried from root to tip. Arm yourself with a good round brush and you’ll make sure that you get a good grip on your hair so you can get to the tricky bits near to the scalp. Here’s what Gary had to say:
“Focus on the first inch of hair that grows out of the scalp.  When you can master the art of blowing the first inch away from the scalp with as much volume as possible, without the hair moving sideways, your blowdry will last for a long time. Generally, the longer the hair, the bigger the round brush should be.”

Add the perfect finish

Achieving volume with a good blowdry is one thing. Maintaining that volume is something else entirely. We asked Gary for advice on which products to use to make sure that your volume lasts:
“There are numerous products that can help with maintaining volume: hair spray, wax, holding creams etc. If you use a dry spray, in other words an aerosol, make sure that you spray it on the root area if possible. A wet spray is used to set the hair in position once the style is finished. Gary Rom offers workshops where clients can come into our salons for a nominal fee, bring their own equipment with them and be trained in the art of styling. Why look good only when you leave the salon?”

IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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