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Bob Martin

Tick & Flea Powder For Cats & Kittens 100g

Bob Martin Tick & Flea Powder For Cats & Kittens 100g will ensure that your furry friend is free from ticks or fleas and stays comfy and healthy. This powder kills and controls ticks and fleas and is safe for both cats and kittens.

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Bob Martin Clear Tick & Flea Powder 100g

Detailed Description:
If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of this product, please retain this pack for reference purposes and contact the registration holder.Tel: 011 571 5300.Email: [email protected]

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Marketing description:
Bob Martin®.Since 1892.Clear®.New look, same tried and trusted product.Tick & flea powder.For cats & kittens.Kills ticks & fleas.Controls ticks and fleas on cats & kittens.Caution.100g.

Bob Martin

Package type:
Re-Closable Packaging

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Usage instructions:
Directions for use:(Use only as directed).Dust liberally and work well into the coat of the cat or kitten. Also treat bedding and sleeping areas with a suitable registered product. Repeat every 6 - 7 days. In cases of severe infestation repeat treatment every four days.Treatment cycle:Only a short period of a tick or flea's life cycle is spent on an animal. Therefore many adult and immature ticks and fleas can be found in the home environment. To ensure effective control of ticks and fleas it is important to treat both the animal as well as the surrounding environment.The Bob Martin clear treatment cycle can assist in ensuring effective tick, flea and worm control in 5 easy steps:1. First dip or shampoo your cat or kitten with an appropriate insecticidal product such as Bob Martin clear tick & flea shampoo for cats.2. After 1 week has passed, apply an insecticidal tick and flea spot product such as Bob Martin clear sport on for cat/kittens following the instructions on the pack.3. After 1 week has passed, fit a Bob Martin clear tick & flea collar for cats to your cat or kitten to extend the protection period between treatments.4. For environmental control, treat regular resting areas with a suitable insecticide and vacuum these areas regularly.Handy tip: the excess length of the Bob Martin clear tick & FLEA collar for cats can be placed inside the dust or dirt receiver of a vacuum cleaner. Ensure that your dust or dirt receiver is cleaned out weekly.5. It is also important to deworm your pet regularly as fleas and a certain type of tapeworm often go hand in hand. Treat your pet for worms with an appropriate product such as the Bob Martin clear 3 in 1 dewormer for cats following the instructions provided on the pack.

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