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SUNprotect offers a unique formulation that combines anti-oxidant Vitamin E and UV filters to give your skin high protection against the sun whilst simultaneously moisturising your skin.
Other benefits include:
- Water - resistant
- Dermatologically approved
- CANSA endorsed
- Enriched with Vitamin E


Shop SUNprotect Kids range

  • SUNprotect

    Kids SPF50 Lotion Spray Sensitive 200ml

    R 160.00
  • SUNprotect

    Kids Wet Skin SPF50 150ml

    R 96.99
  • SUNprotect

    Kids SPF40 Spray 150ml

    R 119.00
  • Sunprotect

    Kids Lotion SPF50 100ml

    R 92.99
  • SUNprotect

    Kids Kids SPF50 Body Lotion 50ml

    R 79.99
  • SUNprotect

    Kids Kids SPF50 Roll On 50ml

    R 69.99

Shop SUNprotect Self Tan range

  • SUNprotect

    Bronze Self Tan Instant Colour Spray Light 150ml

    R 69.99
  • SUNprotect

    Bronze Self Tan Instant Colour Spray Dark 150ml

    R 69.99
  • SUNprotect

    Self Tan Spritzer Medium 200ml

    R 89.99