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Oral Suspension Banana 30ml

Cipex Oral Suspension Banana 30ml is specially formulated with a blend of ingredients proven to help treat single and mixed worm infestations, such as large roundworm, pinworm, whipworm, hookworm, threadworm and tapeworm.

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Infections 1and2 Stomach And Colon Health Cipex Suspension 30 ml

Detailed Description:
Scheduling status: S1.Proprietary name (and dosage form): Cipex (suspension).Cipex tablets (tablets).Composition:Cipex tablets: each tablet contains mebendazole 100 mg.Cipex: each 5 ml contains mebendazole 100 mg.Preservatives: methylparaben 0.2 % m/v.Propylparaben 0.02 % m/v.Sugar free formulation.Pharmacological classification:A.12 Anthelmintics, bilharzia medicines, filaricides, etc.Pharmacological action:Mebendazole is a broad spectrum anthelmintic. Its action is independent of its systemic concentration. It causes selective disappearance of cytoplasmic microtubules in the tegumental and intestinal cells of affected worms. Secretory substances accumulate in the Golgi areas, secretion of acetylcholinesterase and uptake of glucose is impaired, and glycogen is depleted, resulting in depletion of the worms' energy sources and their slow death.Indications:Cipex is indicated for the treatment of single and mixed helminth infestations, such as:Ascariasis (large roundworm).Intestinal capillariasis.Enterobiasis (pinworm).Trichuriasis (whipworm).Ancylostoma duodenale (hookworm).Necator americanus (hookworm).Strongyloides stercoralis (threadworm). Taenia spp (tapeworm).Ternidens deminutus.Cipex is also indicated in the treatment of infestations by Moniliformis moniliformis.Identification:Cipex: A light pink coloured homogeneous suspension with a characteristic banana-cardamom odour.Cipex tablets: Orange coloured and flavoured circular, flat, bevelled tablet, plain on both sides.Presentation:Cipex: 30 ml glass bottles, with measuring cup.Cipex tablets: Blister strips of 6 tablets packed in 6's, 60's or 300's.©Cipla Medpro (Pty) Ltd.Hookworm.Tapeworm.Pinworm.Roundworm.Each 5 ml contains:Mebendazole - 100 mg.Preservatives:Methylparaben - 0.20 % m/v.Propylparaben - 0.02 % m/v.

Pack size:
30 ml

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Storage instructions:
Store below 25 degrees C.

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Mebendazole 100mg 5ml Suspension

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