Happiness Bottle 260ml

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Bibi Happiness Bottle 260 ml is super easy to handle with its unique recessed grip and bottle shape that provides a safe, comfortable hold while feeding. The soft, flexible teat has a natural shape with wide rest, so drinking feels like drinking from mom’s breast. Bibi Happiness Bottles will help you enjoy being a parent.

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Detailed information

Bibi Happiness Baby Bottle Babyflasche 260 ml

Detailed Description:
How to assemble.*Further instructions in additional languages please see inside.1 Protective cap.Integrated scale - easy checking of baby's liquid intake.2 Screw-on ring.3 Teat with anti-colic value (silicone).Similar to the feeling of mother's breast, can help to support the sucking reflex.4 Anti-slip grip.Comfortable hold while feeding.5 Bottle body.Compatible with leading breast pumps e.g. Medela, ARDO, ergonomically shaped.6 Funnel.Great for at home and on-the-go.Easy filling.Natural teat.A soft flexible teat.B Wide lip support.C SensoPearls: can support the sucking reflex.D Anti-colic valve.We support feeding breast milk as the preferred feed for your baby.In the event of uncertainty or should you require further information, you may contact Fountain Medical (Pty) Ltd on 0861 BABIES (0861 222437), [email protected], or visit us at www.babies.co.za.+27 (11) 794 9060.*The right teat for all baby foods and [email protected]

Pack size:
260 ml

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Marketing description:
Silicone.BPA free.Bibi®.Happiness.2+ m.I love mama.Anti-colic, 260 ml.Baby bottle.Babyflasche.Natural.60 ml.


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How to use

Usage instructions:
Sterilisation instructions:1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and dry.2. Immediately after feeding, rinse out the bottle and teat with running water.3. Wash the bottle and teat with hot water and detergent soap.4. Use a bottle brush to remove any residual particles of feed.5. Turn the teat inside out, wash with hot water and detergent soap, and flush water through the feeding holes.6. Allow the parts to dry on a rack in a clean ventilated area.7. Thorough sterilisation may be achieved by one of the following methods:Boiling:Submerge all bottles and parts (on a wite rack) in a pot of water, and bring to a boil.Boil for a minimum of 6 minutes. Using dean tongs, lift all parts from the water and place upside down on a dean towel to dry.Steam Sterilisation:Place all bottles and parts in a steam steriliser, or similar device, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.Microwave sterilisation:Place all bottles and parts in a microwave steriliser, or similar device, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.To protect your baby from harmful germs K is important to properly dean and sterilise your baby's feeding equipmentIf you are breastfeeding your baby, using a feeding bottle and teat may interfere with the baby's natural way of suckling your breast.Instructions for use.Heating:To warm up baby food, commercially available electric food warmers are recommended. Bottles are microwaveable. Remove all attachments before heating. Ensure the product is open when placed in the microwave. Plastic bottles have to be at least half full with liquid/baby food. For even heat distribution stir food/liquid thoroughly after heating. To avoid burns test temperature before feeding. Do not pre-taste food on teat as there is a tick of caries transfer. Microwave heating can cause localised areas of very high temperature.Checks:Inspect individual parts before each use. Pull the teat in all directions. Replace immediately at the first sign of damage or weakness. Choose the appropriate teat opening for the food type (tea, milk, pap). Never use sharp objects to enlarge the teat opening. Do not expose the teat to direct sunlight or a heat source; never leave it in disinfectants (sterilising solution) longer than the recommended time, as this could damage it.Cleaning and care:Clean before each use. For optimal cleaning, disassemble into individual parts. Before using for the first time, rinse thoroughly and boil or sterilise for approx. 5 mins. This will ensure it is hygienically clean. All individual parts are dishwasher-safe. Individual parts may become discoloured by food colourings. The colour may fade in places after repeated washing. The inks are non-toxic and suitable for contact with food. Therefore, there is no danger to your child. Use only mild detergent and soft brushes or sponges. Abrasive, aggressive and anti-bacterial cleaners and alcohol-containing disinfectants can damage the product.Bottles made of polyamide, polypropylene and glass and all individual parts can be sterilised using the following methods:Take extra care when microwave heating.Electric steam sterilisation: please read device manufacturer's instructions.Steam sterilisation in the microwave: fill steriliser with 200 ml water, boil for 5 mins at 750 W or 8 mins at 500 W.Boiling in water: 5 mins, cover all individual parts completely with water. Do not sterilise bottles or teats in a steamer/autoclave.

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