No Touch Thermometer

Clicks Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is an accurate, easy to use, and contact free thermometer. Simply hold the device facing the forehead without touching it and instantly get a reading. See guide on the instruction leaflet.

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Clicks Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Detailed Description:
What does it do?The Clicks non-contact infrared thermometer allows you to take body temperature on the forehead instantly, and without any physical contact. There is no need to wake up your baby or patient while taking their temperature.Clicks promise:If you are not entirely satisfied with this product, please return it for a full refund, as per our returns/ exchange policy.Talk to us...0860 254 257.www.clicks.co.za.Recyclable.Paperboard carton.Remember, always separate lids, caps, labels, cartons, etc., before recycling.Specifications:Power supply: .Forehead (body temperature) measuring range: .Forehead measuring accuracy: ± 0.2 degrees C for 35.0 degrees C - 42.0 degrees C.± 0.3 degrees C for other range.Object measuring range: - 22 degrees C - 80.0 degrees C.Object measuring accuracy: ±2.0 degrees C.Displayed room temperature range: 5.0 degrees C - 59.9 degrees C.Room temperature accuracy: ±1 degrees C.Measure time: 1 second.Measure interval: 1 second.Dimension: 130.1 (L) x 45.0 (W) x 50.3 (D) mm.Weight: about 72.0g (without batteries).Forehead and object operating conditions: 15.0 degrees C - 40.0 degrees C with a relative humidity of 15% - 85%.Atmosphere pressure: 700hPa - 1060hPa.Storage and transport condition: -20 degrees C - 55 degrees C with a relative humidity of 15% - 90%. Atmosphere pressure: 700hPa - 1060hPa.General introduction:The Clicks non-contact infrared thermometer has been developed for accurate, safe, fast and contact-free human body temperature measurements (at a distance of approximately 0 - 5 cm) on the forehead. The device is intended for the intermittent monitoring of human body temperature in the home. It is intended for use on people of all ages.How does it work?Normal body temperature is found within a range of temperatures dependent on age. A person's normal temperature range tends to decrease with age. The following table shows normal temperature ranges by age:Normal body temperature ranges by age:0 - 2 years - 36.4 - 38.0 degrees C.3 - 10 years - 36.1 - 37.8 degrees C.11 - 65 years - 35.9 - 37.6 degrees C.>65 years - 35.8 - 37.5 degrees C.The range of normal temperature varies from person to person and can be influenced by many factors such as time of day, measurement from different sites of the body, level of activity, medication used, been recently swimming or bathing, been exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures etc. We recommend that you practice using the device on yourself and family members when you are healthy and by avoiding the afore mentioned error conditions by allowing the individual stay in the measurement room for 30 minutes prior to measurement. The forehead is an ideal place to measure body temperature since the temporal artery is close to the surface of the skin and easily accessible for reading.The temporal artery is linked to the carotid artery, which supplies blood to the brain's temperature control centre.Calibration:The device is calibrated after manufacture. If the device is used according to the instructions, periodic recalibration is not required. If at any time you question the accuracy of the measurement, please contact Clicks for assistance.Do not attempt to modify or reassemble the device.Warranty:Your Clicks non-contact infrared thermometer is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any factory defects in material and workmanship. Should a failure occur within 12 months or should the product not meet your expectations, please return it with the packaging and proof of purchase to your nearest Clicks store for a full refund or replacement.Please note that this guarantee does not cover wear and tear or damages caused by overloading, negligence, accidental or improper use. Any attempt to repair the appliance while under the warranty period will invalidate the guarantee.Not responding/automatically resets when the insulator packaging has been removed - Possible reasons: battery depleted. Battery in wrong polarity position. Poor battery contact. - Solution: replace old battery with new battery, or remove battery and reinsert correctly.Possible reasons: the measured temperature is lower than 34.0 degrees C or higher than 42.9 degrees C. Please double check the operation method - Solution: follow the instruction manual for proper measurement technique.Possible reasons: hardware problem - Solution: contact Clicks if this persists.Possible reasons: operating temperature is out of range - Solution: use the thermometer in the range of operating conditions as found in the specification table.The measurement is not believed to be accurate or there is doubt:Possible reasons: infrared sensor dirty.Solution: clean the infrared sensor with cotton swab according to instructions.Possible reasons: incorrect measuring technique.Solution: ensure you have read the manual and know how to use the device properly.Possible reasons: thermometer and/or patient temperature not stabilised in the measurement room.Solution: please keep the thermometer and patient in the measuring room for about 30 minutes before using.Possible reasons: device used in outdoor conditions.Solution: please take the measurement indoors.Possible reasons: the thermometer temperature may have adjusted if it is held in your hand for too long.Solution: put the thermometer on the table in the room where the measurement is taking place and let it stabilize to the room temperature.Possible reasons: battery depleted. - Solution: replace old battery with new battery.

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Marketing description:
Clicks.Non-contact infrared thermometer.Quick, hygienic and contact-free.Body temperature measurements.


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Usage instructions:
Care instructions:We recommend that you store your Clicks non-contact infrared thermometer in the original box. Make sure that all parts are clean and dry before storage. Please refer to the instruction manual for cleaning instructions.Directions for use before use:To achieve accurate measurements, it is very important to check the infrared sensor and ensure that it is clean before use. To clean the sensor, gently wipe its surface with a cotton swab slightly moistened with alcohol. Immediately wipe dry with a clean cotton swab. After cleaning, allow at least 20 minutes drying time before taking temperatures.Dirt, perspiration or oiliness on the forehead may cause an inaccurate measurement; ensure that the forehead is clean before use, where necessary. If cleaning is required, please wait 5 - 10 minutes before measuring.If the temperature of the storage area differs greatly from that of the measuring area, please allow the devices temperature to equalize to room temperature for about 30 minutes before measuring.Please open the battery cover and remove the insulating packaging covering the battery when using the device for the first time. Insert the battery and press any button to turn the device on.How to measure forehead temperature:Hold the thermometer in your hand as shown, with your thumb on the [measurement] button. Double check that the probe is clean before measuring.Press the [measurement] button, then release. Hold the device steady until you hear two, double "beep" sounds. The [measurement] button backlight will light up in green to indicate the temperature has been measured. The measurement is now complete and the thermometer may be removed from the head.Read the temperature on the display.Caution:After pressing the [measurement] button, the distance sensor will detect the distance between the forehead and thermometer. If the distance is between 0 - 5 cm, the device will proceed to measure the forehead temperature. If the distance is more than 5 cm or less than 1 cm, the device will produce a single "beep" sound indicating that the thermometer Is out of range and should be adjusted to be within 0 - 5 cm from the forehead. Once this sound is heard, immediately move the device within the 0 - 5 cm range at which point, the continuous single "beep" sound will change to a double "beep" sound indicating the device is in range.After the test, press the [MEM] button or wait for 1 minute and the device will return to the "stand by" mode automatically.How to measure the temperature of an object:Hold the thermometer in your hand as shown, with your thumb on the [measurement] button and [MEM] buttons. Double check that the probe is clean before measuring. Press the [measurement] button, then the thermometer enters to object temperature measuring mode, the LCD will display like figure on the right.Hold the thermometer and ensure the probe is around 0 - 5 cm from the liquid or surface whose temperature you want to measure. Press the [measure] button to start the measurement.Remove the thermometer from the object. The LCD displays the measured temperature. You can press the [MEM] buttons to return back to standby mode. The thermometer will automatically return back to standby mode after 1 minute if no button is pressed.LED temperature indicators:There are two LED temperature indicator colours. These are light up on the device as green or red and indicate the following:Green LED: 34.0 degrees C - 37.9 degrees C.Red LED: 38.0 degrees C - 42.9 degrees C.Green indicates that the measured temperature is within in the normal range, while red indicates that the measured temperature is too high and needs to be validated by a healthcare professional.Accessing the memory:There are total of 9 memory data for recording forehead temperature measurements. The last measurement is always stored in the last storage space. When all storage spaces have been occupied, the oldest measurement is deleted from the memory.Press [MEM] button to check the memory data. The LCD will display memory storage number, and then the measured temperature. Press the [MEM] button repeatedly to go to the memory storage number as required.Press [measure] and [MEM] measuring button simultaneously, to return to the standby mode.Replacing the battery:When the battery is low, the battery indicator will appear on the LCD screen. When this is displayed, or if the thermometer does switch on at all, the batteries are to be replaced.Remove the battery cover by sliding downwards, and remove the old batteries.Insert the new AAA batteries into the battery compartment and ensure that they are installed correctly to match the positive and negative polarity as marked in the battery compartment.Slide battery cover back until it snaps into place.Cleaning and maintenance:To ensure accurate measurements, keep the infrared sensor and distance sensor tip clean and free of scratches. Finger prints/dirt will affect the accuracy of the thermometer. In order to get an accurate measurement, please clean the infrared sensor and distance sensor tip. Gently wipe its surface with a cotton swab slightly moistened with alcohol and immediately wipe dry with a clean cotton swab.Use a soft dry cloth to clean the body of the thermometer. Never clean thermometer with an abrasive cleanser, thinner, benzene or submerge the thermometer into water or other liquids. After cleaning, place the thermometer in the protective case or table stand holder. Store it in a clean, dry place at room temperature. Never expose the thermometer to extreme temperatures, humidity, direct sunlight or shock.

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