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Flu Vitamins & Supplements

Can vitamin C really help prevent or treat a cold?

At the first hint of the sniffles, we’re advised to take vitamin C. But does this actually work?


Your ultimate guide to treating your child’s cold or flu

With flu season on its way, wise up on prevention and treatment options.

Cancer Women's Health

Study: Cancer in women is rising 6 times faster than in men

A study says that women are at an increased risk of cancer, chiefly due to being overweight.

Pregnancy Women's Health

Your options when you’re pregnant and quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your baby and you. Here are your options.

Baby Women's Health

What to eat and drink when you’re breastfeeding

It nourishes baby and takes a little extra energy, but you don’t need a special diet.

Nutrition Heart Disease

How giving into a chocolate craving can benefit your health

Scientists insist that chocolate can actually be good for you. Treat yourself!

Baby Nutrition

Best finger foods for babies and toddlers

Finger foods are the ideal starter foods. We help you choose the most nutritious options.

Baby Nutrition

5 myths about baby’s first foods debunked

Starting baby on solid foods is complicated by outdated conventions and myths.