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Whether you're trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or need expert guidance for coping with a medical condition, our articles will help you achieve your healthy living goals.

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Everything you need to know about blood clots

- On one hand, blood clots can save our lives but on the other they can lead to serious medical problems, sometimes resulting in death.

- Blood clots can be categorised by where they are formed – arterial clots and venous clots. 

- Dr Ashandren Naicker, an interventional cardiologist at Life Entabeni Hospital in Durban, unpacks the cardiac symptoms, treatment and measures to prevent blood clots that result in a heart attack. 

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Spot hidden sugars

- Statistics SA states that diabetes ranks as our second leading cause of death.

- Type 2 diabetes has been linked to lifestyle factors including a diet high in calories and processed foods, which often include hidden sugars. 

- Many of these foods are thought to be "healthy".

- Learn how you can avoid unintentional sugar consumption.

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5 Signs of chronic inflammation

Know the signs of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (CIDs) and take early steps to address them.

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Why ageing affects your sleep

As you get older sleeping patterns often change, and it grows harder to fall or stay asleep. Understanding why can help you take steps to counter this, and get the 'ZZZs' you need.

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7 Things you need to know about CBD oil

We've asked a few experts to tell us more about CBD oil, short for cannabidiol, a chemical compound extracted from cannabis or hemp plants and mixed with a carrier such as hemp seed oil. 

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Eat these foods for less stress

Along with getting regular exercise and practicing mindfulness, including the right foods in your diet can help reduce your levels of stress hormones, shore up your immune system and lower blood pressure, so you handle stress better.

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5 Reasons to get the flu vaccine

The winter flu is circulating just as COVID-19 is rising in a third wave in South Africa. This makes it more important than ever to get your flu shot.

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7 Ways sugar affects your body

Most of us now know we shouldn’t eat too much sugar, but understanding exactly how this can affect the different parts of your body may be the nudge you need to stop.