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Whether you're trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or need expert guidance for coping with a medical condition, our articles will help you achieve your healthy living goals.

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CBD oil: We explore the facts

Filled with beneficial antioxidants and the ability to treat migraines and stress - we look into the facts and benefits of CBD oil.


A comprehensive guide to cleft palates

Clefts are more common than you may imagine, and untreated can lead to life-long complications.

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When should you get help for your mental health?

Many people feel anxious, depressed and confused at times, so when should you get help?

Health Workplace

Ways to improve your well-being at work

With Corporate Wellness week from July 1-8, take steps to create a safe and comfortable working environment.

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How to treat a cold at home

If you're unlucky and get a cold, there is an arsenal of over-the-counter products to help relieve symptoms.

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It's never too late to vaccinate

The annual seasonal flu vaccine is one of the best ways to help guard against flu. But, is it too late to get your vaccine?

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Alzheimer's research: the latest developments

Research to effectively treat and cure Alzheimer's disease is persistent and ongoing. We look at some of the latest connections.

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A pharmacist's guide to dealing with your flu symptoms

Here's how to deal with the symptoms that affect various parts of the body, according to Clicks pharmacists