Healthy living

Whether you're trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or need expert guidance for coping with a medical condition, our articles will help you achieve your healthy living goals.


The daily challenges of living with epilepsy

Dealing with epilepsy is a daily challenge. Here's how best to deal with it.

Weight Loss

7 weight-loss words dieticians want to ban

When on a weight-loss journey, avoid counter-productive words like ‘detox’ and ‘cheat days.


#HIVictor: ‘Why I shared my HIV status on Twitter’

Saidy Brown revealed her HIV status on Twitter to show there’s life after diagnosis.

Weight Loss Exercise

30-minute indoor workout to banish winter weight gain

Don’t let cold, dark days keep you from staying in shape. Try these toning moves at home.

Vitamins & Supplements

Is vitamin D a ‘wonder drug’?

Vitamin D has been touted as a so-called natural ‘wonder drug’, but is this claim true?

Oral health

What to do when your teeth are stained

Embarrassed by the stains on your teeth? Find out what’s causing the discolouration.

Beauty Vitamins & Supplements

Are glutathione IV drips for skin lightening safe?

Some local celebs swear by this treatment, but medical experts say it can be unsafe.

Baby Women's Health

New mom? Try these power foods for energy

Sleepless nights and breastfeeding can drain you, so boost your energy with the right foods.