Healthy living

Whether you're trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or need expert guidance for coping with a medical condition, our articles will help you achieve your healthy living goals.


Tune in to tummy time

Tummy time will help your baby develop a strong neck and build core muscles.

7 Ways to deal with holiday overindulgence

Be merry without the throbbing head and dry mouth the morning after the night before.


An even happier festive season for new fathers

A new bill on paternity leave will allow fathers to have paid quality time with their newborns.


Top tips for disciplining your toddler

It’s official: smacking your child is illegal. So what should you do instead?

Baby Pregnancy

Facing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

South Africa has the highest reported Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder rate in the world.

Health Skincare

Sunburnt? Here’s what to do

From that painful first shower to the days of peeling, here’s how to treat sunburn.

Health Nutrition

What the new sugar tax means for you and your health

The sugar tax due to take effect in April (2018) will have both health and financial impacts.


Listeriosis alert

An outbreak of listeria infections is raising alarm bells – how can you keep safe?