3 Ways to add a little more fun to your Easter egg hunt this year

07 April 2020

Celebrating Easter during lockdown is likely a first for all of us - but, that’s no reason to forego the fun! Here are three ways to keep little ones entertained and their spirits up for the great Easter egg hunt.

Add egg-citing hints - with colour 

Attach multi-coloured paper decorations to 
the trees and plants in the garden where you’ve hidden the eggs, so they can spot the eggs easier, keeping them excited (and focused, especially for the little ones) to find even more. 

If your Easter egg hunt is taking place indoors, you can tie your hints to cupboard handles or indoor plants, tucked into a book or tied to a favourite toy to help younger children spot their prizes.

Jump and hop your way to each treat

Add fun exercises to the successful discovery of each egg – for instance: touch your toes three times; jump up and down; hop like a bunny. 

Turn your Easter egg hunt into an egg-cellent adventure

Compile small tasks for them to complete in the garden while they’re searching for eggs – this will help to keep them focused and may serve as helpful clues. The list can include smelling a flower, watering a plant, or collecting stones. 

For an indoor Easter egg hunt your checklist could include reading a page from a favourite story book, finding three red toys or a little game of “eye spy” in the living room.

IMAGE CREDIT: Shutterstock