4 nail trends you must try this summer

Get your hands summer-ready with these fresh, trendy nail colours.

10 October 2014
by Cindy Tilney

International catwalks have been dominated by an exciting variety of make-up and beauty themes. Find below the vibrant nail trends you should be experimenting with this season:

1. Pretty-in-pink-and-purple
This trend speaks for itself: shades of pink and pale purple are hot this season, from pale pink, fuchsia and cerise, to magenta, lavender and lilac. This goes for nails, as well as eyes and lips, featuring different intensities of pink and purple colours.

2. Prima ballerina
A feminine and delicate style, this look is defined by soft colours: pale, duck-egg blues, soft apricot, baby pink and even white are trendy nail looks this spring, along with soft blush, sheer rose lip tones and defined eyes. This soft style provides a subtle alternative to this season’s brights.

3. Berry bitten

On the opposite end of the spectrum, bright, berry-toned lips and nails are in vogue, with on-trend colours ranging from raspberry to gooseberry. Play with any nail colour from mulberry, coral and cherry reds to tangerine and creamy orange shades.

4. Technicolour
This trend is more nail-centric than any other look for the 2014 spring/summer season, with several ranges bringing out bold, bright shades such as luminous green, sunshine yellow and electric blue, for nails that pop. It’s perfect for matching with hip street gear.

But before you get painting…
“If you’re making your nails a stand-out beauty feature, it only makes sense to take care of your hands,” says Clicks beauty consultant Faaghierah Abrahams.

She recommends using a good-quality hand and nail cream regularly to keep hands soft, smooth and supple.