4 ways to wrap your hair

Use these top techniques to wrap your hair at night.

23 September 2015
by Karen Nel

Chances are, you have your own, carefully honed method of wrapping your hair at night. But – especially if you’re wearing a new style – your hair might thank you for trying a different technique.

1. If your hair is short…

Try the “short-back-and-sides” wrap, advises Brian Warfield from Tanaz Hair. “Start by combing your hair down. Shorter styles have a lot of volume, but it’s important to comb them right down at night to preserve the style. Concentrate on combing down the back and sides, as this is where the hair tends to lose its style soonest. Once it’s neatly combed, wrap a silk scarf around your head and knot it tightly.”

Brian advises applying an intense night-time treatment product on your hair two to three times a week, just before you wrap. “The heat from your head helps to activate the product, which makes it really effective,” he says.

2. If your hair is naturally curly…

Try the so-called “pineapple wrap”. This is one of the easiest wrapping styles to do. Simply gather all your hair in a high ponytail and secure it right at the top of your head with a soft hair band. Then take a silk scarf and wrap it around your head, making sure that all the hair at the back and sides of your head is neatly tucked in.

3. If your hair is longer and relaxed…

Try cross-wrapping your hair. This method works very well for very long hair as it allows you to part your hair into two and wrap in two different directions. Start by dividing your hair in half and use duckbill clips to clip each section just behind your ears. Then wrap each piece of hair around your head in the direction of the other ear.

“It helps to think of your hair as one big roller. You’re wrapping the hair around the head so that the shape of your head will maintain the shape of the hair and provide the direction in which it will fall,” says Brian.

Secure the two pieces of hair in the centre of your forehead and then tightly wrap a silk scarf or satin sleeping cap around your head. When the scarf is secure, you can remove the clips underneath.

4. If you want to re-set your style

Try “shower wrapping” to re-set hair that has lost its style. “This is a great way to get rid of any unwanted kinks, while minimising the use of harsh styling methods,” says Brian.

Simply wrap your hair as you usually do – if your hair is very dry and damaged, it’s a good idea to mist it lightly with an oil sheen spray just before wrapping. Then cover the hair well with a tight-fitting plastic shower cap.

“Get into a nice hot shower – the heat and steam from the shower will help to reset your hair. Keep your hair wrapped up for as long as possible after the shower. Get dressed and put on your make-up first, before doing your hair. This gives your hair the chance to cool down, which will set the style. If you remove the cap while it is still hot, your hair will be too pliable and the style won't hold.”

IMAGE CREDIT: Shutterstock