6 essentials for your baby this winter

The chilly season is on its way – are you prepared?

07 May 2014
by Karen Nel

Winter is just around the corner, bringing with it colds, coughs and flu. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to help your little one get through the colder months with lots of smiles and very few tears. Here’s our list of baby must-haves for the winter:

1. A humidifier or vaporiser

Humidifiers and vaporisers both create a moist air environment which helps to ease the symptoms of colds and flu by loosening congestion and soothing a scratchy, sore throat. Humidifiers create a cool mist, while vaporisers heat water until it turns into steam. The moist air environment helps to moisten your child’s mucous membranes, which allows them to breathe more easily. Moist membranes are also better at fighting infections than dry ones.

2. Nasal decongestants

Babies are unable to blow their noses to get relief. The easiest way to clear out your little one’s nose is to use the combination of saline spray and a nasal aspirator. Lay your baby down flat, with the chin tilted up slightly. Apply one squirt of paediatric saline spray in each nostril. Next, take the nasal aspirator and squeeze the air out of the bulb section to create a vacuum. Place the tip in your baby's nostril and gently release the bulb so that you suck up the nasal fluid into the bulb. Remove the aspirator and press on the bulb to squeeze the fluid onto a tissue.

3. A nebuliser

A nebuliser is used to treat chest and lung infections such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and asthma. It works by converting liquid into aerosol droplets that can be inhaled directly into the lungs. It can be used to administer saline solutions or medication prescribed by your doctor. Ultrasonic nebulisers are generally the quietest to operate, so they may be a good choice if your child is easily alarmed by loud noises.

4. Polar-fleece blankets

A soft and cuddly blanket is a winter must have. Our polar-fleece blankets are as easy on the pocket as they are on the eye. They come in a range of colours and designs, so there is something to suit every nursery.

5. Specialised soothers

Any parent of a young child knows how difficult it can be to take your child’s temperature or give them medicine when they’re sick. The good news is that you can do both just by popping a soother in their mouth. Soother thermometers work by using micro electrons in the nipple section to take an accurate temperature reading after a few minutes. Look for a soother thermometer that is BPA-free and that has a memory recall function, so that you can compare readings.

6. Wall-panel heater

Many babies have a tendency to kick their bedding off while they sleep and then wake up because they’re cold during chilly winter nights. One of the easiest and safest ways to remedy this is to invest in a wall panel heater for their room. Wall panel heaters use up to 50 percent less electricity than other heaters and they’re also far safer for children as they have no exposed elements. They can safely be left on all night on a low setting in your baby’s room, provided that they sleep in a contained cot area.