5 ways to spring-clean your skin

Help your skin recover from the winter blues and get ready for balmy days with these tips.

04 September 2014
by Anien Botha

It’s time to leave the winter chill behind and step into the new season with glowing, refreshed skin. Warmer weather thankfully brings us longer days, alfresco dining and outdoor activities, but it also presents us with a few new skincare issues that need our attention.

Here are five tips on how to ensure your skin weathers the seasonal transition.

1. The problem: Your complexion is looking lacklustre

Winter weather and indoor heating can have a dulling effect on our skin, and often by the time summer comes around, we haven’t quite overcome these effects.

THE SOLUTION: A healthy diet and hardworking skincare products

Drinking plenty of water and following a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is the first step to glowing skin. Incorporate a bi-weekly exfoliation and a weekly illuminating face mask to help the process along.

2. The problem: Your moisturiser is too rich

Cold weather dries our skin, so we tend to use very rich, thick moisturisers to up our moisture levels. When summer comes around, these thicker creams can have a suffocating effect on the skin.

THE SOLUTION: Change your moisturiser

Swap your rich cream for a lightweight lotion or a gel.

3. The problem: Acne / “bacne” / breakouts

Warmer weather means more exercise and more sweat, which are contributors to breakouts.

THE SOLUTION: Anti-blemish ammunition

Cleanse your skin twice daily, and always follow your workout with a shower straight away to rid skin of blemish-causing bacteria. 

4. The problem: You can’t find a sunscreen that feels comfortable

Too rich, too thick, too shiny. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t bear rubbing a greasy SPF all over your face.

THE SOLUTION: Lightweight sun protection with added benefits

You no longer have to struggle with thick and oily sun creams – new formulations mean you can enjoy effective products with unexpected textures.

5. The problem: Oily skin and melting make-up

Regardless of your skin type, you’re likely to encounter some shininess and melting make-up in the heat of summer.

THE SOLUTION: Oil-free skincare and summer-proof foundation

Keep your skin matte with products specially designed for oily skin that will keep shine at bay and help hold your foundation in place.



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