Tips to help make travelling with your toddler a breeze

13 February 2020

Whether you’ve got an upcoming flight or a long journey by road, here’s how to ease the stress of travelling with a toddler. 

Travelling with a toddler can be challenging, but it is totally doable provided you’re prepared and willing to make a few tweaks to your normal daily routine. Follow these guidelines to help you make happy holiday memories. 

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Preparation is key

Most frequent fliers will agree, if you’re going on a trip, don’t just pack one change of clothes – pack two to be safe. Done the maths and figured you’ll need a certain number of nappies? Add at least a third more to that number – they’re the one thing you never want to be caught short on. 

Health and safety first

Seeking out a doctor in a strange city when your child is running a temperature or has a spider bite is no way to spend precious holiday time. A first-aid kit, including paracetamol, plasters and relevant lotions for bites or rashes included, is every parent’s travel essential. 

Stock up on snacks

As parents it never ceases to amaze us just how many different snacks a toddler can eat in one day, right? Well you’ll be even more amazed at how much they’ll be able to consume in a small space like a car or aeroplane. Dry snacks, dried fruit flakes and healthy rice cakes keep little fingers busy and little mouths munching and crunching. And ultimately – happy! 

Choose your timing carefully

If your little one is due for their 18-month vaccinations, “check your Road to Health book and arrange your holidays plans so you don’t travel immediately around those dates”, says Clicks’ Sister Jane Mongwe.

“Temperatures can occur after vaccinations and you want your toddler to be comfortable when you’re on the move”, she says. Timing is also something to consider when booking flights – night flights mean your toddler’s routine doesn’t have to shift too drastically when travelling between destinations. 

The magic of wipes 

From wiping sticky hands and faces, saving the day at nappy changing time, cleaning up unexpected drink spills and handing out to other moms who need a hand, wipes are every toddler parents’ secret weapon! Don’t leave home without them – and you’ll never regret slipping an extra pack into your suitcase.