A step-by-step guide to flawless make-up with Sorbet

To help you create the perfect canvas for any look, we've put together a step-by-step guide using Sorbet's make-up and skincare products.

30 May 2019
by Candice Bresler

We believe that flawless skin is the beginning of your face’s story. From primer to highlighter, concealer to serum – we’ll have you ready to glow in minutes. 

Click below for the step-by-step video, and then follow along with our detailed steps:

Sorbet make-up video

Step 1: Start with a great moisturiser

If you think that great make-up starts with primer, think again. We’re going back to basics with a cleansed face, before applying step one of your flawless skin routine: a great moisturiser. We’re relying on the hydrating power of Sorbet Hydro Skin Aqua Day Gel to give you perfectly hydrated skin – because flakey and dry patches don’t go with the look we’re after. 

Sorbet Hydro Skin Aqua Day Gel

Added bonus: Sorbet’s Hydro Skin Aqua Day Gel also protects skin from environmental pollutants and stressors, thanks to a combination of shea butter and plant actives.

Step 2: Apply your eye cream 

Your eye area needs a little extra attention, as this skin is more delicate than anywhere else on your face. Sorbet Age Affect Eye & Lip Serum uses Vitamins A, C and E to repair and revitalise the eye and target visible signs of ageing – giving this area a little added TLC and acting as a gentle barrier against the rest of the products in your routine.

Sorbet Age Perfect Eye & Lip Serum

Inside tip: Use a light tapping motion to press the serum into the skin, so you don’t pull and tug at the delicate area around your eyes.

Step 3: Prime your skin 

It’s prime time! Apply a thin layer of Sorbet No Filter Prep & Pore Less Primer evenly over your face, which will help your foundation go on smoothly and last all day. Thanks to your great moisturising routine, your primer now won’t be absorbed into your skin and disappear. In addition to its long-wearing qualities, the Sorbet Prep & Poreless Primer also helps diminish the appearance of pores and keep oil at bay. Win-win.

Sorbet Prep & Poreless

Step 4: Apply your foundation 

Whether you use your fingers or a brush, it’s time to apply a thin, even layer of foundation to your face. We love that Sorbet Face First Anti-Ageing Foundation comes in 28 shades and contains natural moisturisers for a healthy, flawless glow.

Sorbet Face First Foundation

Step 5: Blend your foundation 

If you’re looking for a natural, well-blended look, then you can’t beat the Sorbet Blending Sponge . Moisten and squeeze the sponge, so it’s barely damp, before using it to press the foundation into your skin, to create a flawless finish - without finger marks or uneven brush strokes.

Sorbet Blending Sponge

Step 6: Say “goodbye” to undereye circles 

Ready to pretend you had a great night’s sleep? Use Sorbet Undercover Under Eye Concealer where needed under your eyes, and gently blend with your finger. 

Sorbet Undercover Concealer

Did you know? Sorbet’s Under Cover Concealer also contains guarana seed to increase blood flow and reduces puffiness and linoleic acid to help even skin tone.

Step 7:  Highlight the high points of the face 

It’s time to glow! We’re talking a natural radiance – and not that blinding light you’ve no doubt seen on Instagram. Apply a dab of Sorbet Glow & Tell Liquid Highlighter onto the high points of your face – particularly your cheekbones and browbones for a fresh, glowing look that almost seems to come from within. 

Sorbet Glow and Tell

Step 8: Apply a nourishing lip balm 

All that’s left to do is apply a slick of Sorbet Hydro Skin Lip Therapy to ensure your pout is perfectly hydrated – and, you’re done.

Sorbet Hydro Skin Lip Therapy

Whether you use this routine as your completed face of make-up, or use this as the base for a more dramatic look: Once you’ve mastered this, it’s the perfect foundation for any look.