The Clicks test kitchen: Smartlife super blender

We asked three ClubCard members to test the new Smartlife super blender.

12 August 2016
by The Clicks Team

The Smartlife by Kambrook super blender blends fruits and vegetables and extracts all the goodness from your ingredients, leaving no pulp or skins behind. Our ClubCard members tried it out and here’s what they had to say…

Leila Badsha

"I made a breakfast smoothie with yoghurt, dates, oats, berries, nuts and milk, and I also made some hummus."

Best features: "The super blender is much easier to use than regular blenders, and more powerful. It’s also very easy to clean."

Rating: "I would give it 10 out of 10. It works very quickly, plus it hardly takes up any space in my kitchen."

Caroline Hickson

"I made fruit smoothies with frozen fruit and nuts. It was so easy – I didn't even need a manual to work it out." 

Best features: "The super blender is easy to clean and works fast, which helps when you're rushing to make breakfast before work." 

Rating: "I would give it 10 stars! It's very good value for money and very painless to use and clean."

Lauren Bird

"I crushed nuts and blended fruit to make smoothies. To get finely ground nuts only took a few seconds."

Best features: "It was very simple to figure out how to use. It's a neat, compact blender, which makes storage easy."

Rating: "I would definitely give this product 10 out of 10.  I love the convenience of it!"

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