Cold weather grooming tips for dad

As the temperature drops, skin takes a beating. Here are a few tips to help dad take care of his this winter.

30 May 2019
by Richard Goller

Cooler weather means layering up in your favourite winter gear, but what about your grooming routine? Should you change it up too? The answer is yes, according to our experts. To keep your skin healthy and smooth, add these tweaks to your routine. 

Rotate your products

“As you would change your wardrobe seasonally, so too should you be rotating your skincare products accordingly,” says Jacqui Higgins, aesthetics specialist at Best Body Skin Aesthetics clinic in Johannesburg.

While your skin type is your first consideration when it comes to skincare, the environment is an essential factor, says Higgins. Skin is generally oilier in summer and drier and more sensitive in winter. So that warm-weather, lightweight moisturiser just won’t cut it in the cooler months, as you’ll need to up your moisture. 

“Keeping skin balanced and comfortable is what you should aim for,” says Higgins.

Switch up your skincare

  • When buying products look for “hydrating”, nourishing” or “moisturising” properties to aid dry, winter skin. 
  • Change from a regular soap bar to a creamier cleanser. 

Try: Nivea Care Shower Creme Soft 

  • Apply a face moisturiser both morning or evening to give your skin extra nourishment. 

Try: Sorbet Man Face Moisturiser SPF15 or L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic X Recharging Moisturiser 

  • Creams are better for dry skin than foams or gels; thicker, more concentrated products will provide more hydration. 

Try: Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body Cream  

  • Sunscreen must not be overlooked, as we are still exposed to UV rays during the cooler months. Sunscreen also acts as an additional layer of protection from moisture loss. Use it over a moisturiser during the day.

Try: Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Spray SPF50+ or Sorbet Man Multi-Active Moisturiser Even Tone SPF 15

  • For a moisture boost, use a nourishing or hydrating mask once a week. 

Try: Avène Soothing Moisture Mask

  • Ensure you have a good lip balm on hand. 

Try: Labello For Men Active Care Lip Balm

  • Product layering works well. Add a serum before your day or night cream for extra TLC.