How to choose a fragrance for the season

We invite you to find a scent that captures your mood and complements the season.

27 July 2010
by Pepe Sofianos

If you only treat yourself to one thing per season, it has to be a new fragrance! In the same way that you review your wardrobe, make-up and beauty routines with each new season, it makes sense to switch to scents that complement your seasonal mood and lifestyle.

What a feeling

There’s so much more to perfume than just a pretty smell. Fragrance is a terrific mood-lifter and memory-maker. It takes the faintest whiff of scent to trigger memories or to revive pivotal moments in our lives. What could be more inspiring than to use fragrance to conjure up the special things you love about a season or to simply switch your scent seasonally and enjoy a change in spirit? A turn of the weather connects us with nature, even if you are a city slicker who fears the windy season only because it means you’ll get blown off your skyscraper heels. Perfume manufacturers have latched onto the seasonal theory, and many emotive fragrances hit the counters as each season unfolds. So, whether you’re into spring flowers, summer sun, autumn feasts or winter wonderlands, you can capture your favourite season in a bottle.

Autumn magic

We’re looking at mellow moods, harvest moons, coffee, cake and cinnamon sprinkles. It’s about warmth without the muskiness. Scents to seek: Autumn is a time of contentment and contemplation and scents are sophisticated, sultry and simmering with fulfilment. The romantic allure of oriental notes, such as sandalwood, provide the perfect foil for crisp clean mornings, and tasty smells like almond blossom complement this beautifully. So spray away and dig out the duvets. "There is so much more to perfume than just a pretty smell. Fragrance is a terrific mood-lifter and memory-maker."

Wonderful winter

Winter sparkles with air as sharp as crystals, making everything around you more intense and rich… and even though it’s sometimes bleak, it’s beautiful. Scents to seek: warm woody notes evoke winter’s cuddle-up and get-cosy theme instantly. It’s about fires and shared moments, with just enough spice to make those winter scents wickedly wonderful and a bit decadent. It’s the season to flaunt feminine and seductive scents, a fusion of intoxicating florals, erotic edibles like vanilla and chocolate and heady notes like amber and musk. Winter fragrances heat you up physically, emotionally and spiritually. Certain scents can directly affect your mood and boost your confidence. Vanilla and woods make you relaxed and dreamy while resins like amber and spices like cinnamon make you feel powerful and erotic. Roll on winter!

Spring blossoms

Spring is that magical moment in time when everything is new and neat and innocent and fresh. Scents to seek: spring inspires light, happy scents with budding florals that are sweetly sensual, cute and cheeky, overflowing with girlie glamour. There are also hints of green leafy aromas that fill you with excitement and energy, and remind you of a romp in a field of daisies. Spring scents have feel-good, classic notes such as rose, lavender and jasmine.

Summer sizzle

Summer is a season of pleasure, enjoyment and escape. This is the time to indulge in fragrances that leave you feeling energised and sexy. Scents to seek: things hot up and the fl orals are more exotic and erotic, the woody notes are steamy and fruity tropical notes are all around. Think olfactory fests such as orange blossom, pink grapefruit and zingy strawberries. Sun, sea and sand dictate your mood, so there are also cooling water-inspired fragrances that beat the heat. By night, it’s all mayhem and musk, party perfumes that are dangerous and decadent and heavy with promise.