What your nails say about your health

Want to know how healthy you are? Take a look at your nails.

15 November 2007
by The Clicks beauty team

Check your nails for the three common characteristics:

  1. White spots – these can be caused by a zinc deficiency or by a hard knock to the nail bed while the nail is growing. Chat to your Clicks pharmacist about supplementing your diet, or eat more red meat, poultry, seafood and eggs to prevent white spots in the future. You can’t file off or bleach out white spots – they have to grow out as your nails grow. You can cover them with nail polish or have a French manicure for perfect, natural-looking nails.
  2. Vertical ridges – these can be hereditary and they may become more pronounced as you get older. If you suddenly develop ridges as well as discoloration of the nails, we suggest you speak to your doctor because this could be a sign of respiratory problems, heart disease or malnutrition. To hide ridges you can use a special ridge-filling varnish, which builds up in the dips to make the nails appear smooth.
  3. Weak, brittle nails – this can be hereditary or may be caused by a poor diet, so eating healthily may help. When you look after your nails, use acetone-free nail varnish removers because acetone dries out your nails. Try to only use nail polish remover once or twice a month. Touch up your polish in between.