What I learnt from my father

Clicks Clubcard magazine cover stars and local celebrities share the valuable life lessons learnt from their dads.

10 June 2014
by Jennifer Campbell

Be adaptable

Idols presenter and singer ProVerb says his father taught him never to plan too much. “My father reckons life is very unpredictable and one cannot plan too much. Rather be adaptable and rise to any occasion,” he says.

Stay humble

According to radio presenter Sureshnie Rider, her dad reminds her that she was shaped by simple beginnings, and that she should always be humble. “When I left Durban for the bright lights of Jozi and a new career at 5fm, my Dad told me my greatest life lesson. He said, ‘Please remember the doorframes in my house will not accommodate new egos or big heads. When you are at work you might gain a lot of fame, and things might change, but when you visit home, everything will still be the same, you will still have duties at home as the daughter of the house and you will still respect where you came from’.” Sureshnie says this message has kept her grounded and taught her to be grateful for all her blessings.

Work hard

Model, actress and presenter Pearl Thusi says that the greatest lesson her father ever taught her is that hard work always pays off. “My father grew up without parents and had to fend for himself as a very young boy but always aspired to do better!” she says. “He went from being down and out to owning his own business and taking charge of his own destiny. He has inspired me to strive for success!”

Be true to your word

Author and actress Casey B Dolan says that although she has sometimes had a difficult relationship with her father, he has taught her to always stand by her word. “Sometimes the most testing relationships teach us the most about ourselves,” she says.

IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com


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