Must-have pregnancy shopping list

From prenatal vitamins to preggie socks, we’ll help you prepare for the arrival of your newborn.

08 August 2014
by Chido Samkange

Women have enough to think about when they’re pregnant without having to agonise over what to buy in preparation for their newborn. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of it with this list of essential items.

Prenatal vitamins

Eating a healthy diet is always a wise idea, especially during pregnancy. It's also a good idea to take prenatal vitamins to help cover any nutritional gaps in your diet. Speak to a Clicks clinic sister if you are in doubt as to which supplements are safe to take during pregnancy. 

A good body lotion

Your skin may start feeling drier, especially on your belly as it grows and your skin stretches. Find a good all-over moisturiser that you can slather on now and throughout your pregnancy, like Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.

Belly support band

As your baby drops into position for a grand entrance, you may feel an equally grand pressure in your pelvis. You can alleviate some of it by slipping on a maternity support band. Glamorous it isn’t, but it helps eliminate back, leg, and abdominal pain. Try the Medac Tummy Tucker.

Oral care

Your mouth may be drier during pregnancy, your gums more sensitive, and you’re more susceptible to gingivitis. Preventing periodontal disease is vital for pregnant women, so buy a soft-bristled toothbrush and dental floss and use them every day to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. 

Breastfeeding essentials

Clicks stocks all manner of items to help get you through the early days of feeding a newborn with minimal fuss. Choose from a range of bibs for spit-ups, nursing pillows to help support your baby during feedings, nipple cream to soothe sore nipples, nursing bras, nursing pads, and breast pumps.

Changing supplies

Stock up on nappies – you'll be going through 10 to 12 nappies a day during the first few weeks. You’ll also need wet wipes and nappy cream for preventing nappy rash, and a nappy bag to carry supplies when you’re on the go. It’s a good idea to ask for nappies and changing supplies for your baby shower. They may not sound like the most exciting products to put on your gift registry, but when you’re changing nappies faster than you can say “ay caramba,” you’ll be ever so grateful you did.

Bath products

At Clicks you'll find a number of changing and bath time products that are safe for your baby’s skin. Babies love baths and this can be such a special time for you and your little one, just make sure you have all the products you need at the ready so that the process is stress-free.

Maternity socks. These can help to improve blood circulation during pregnancy and helps to reduce swelling and ankles and feet.

Though not technically essential, these items are also must-haves according to many parents: an infant swing (the soothing back-and-forth motion goes a long way to help calm a cranky infant), a bouncy seat to jiggle and soothe your baby, and a baby monitor to keep tabs on your baby in one room while you’re in another.

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