The Clicks test kitchen: Kambrook Aspire digital kettle

Three ClubCard members test the Kambrook Aspire digital temperature-control kettle.

19 August 2016
by The Clicks Team

The Kambrook Aspire digital temperature-control kettle allows you to choose the right temperature for the drink you are making. There are four different settings and a keep-warm function. 

Megan Govindsamy

“The kettle is great. I used it to make some blueberry tea and because of its different temperature settings, I could adjust the water temperature to the way I wanted it. It’s perfect for many things, especially when adding water to your little one’s porridge so it’s not too hot.”

Sue Walker

“The Kambrook Aspire digital kettle is not only good looking – its functionality brings a whole new dimension to the art of making hot drinks! It produces a piping hot cup of tea or coffee when set on high and a ‘just right’ temperature for drinks such as packet soup, as I discovered when I made myself a cup.” 

Debbie Le Mesurier

“I really enjoy using this kettle as it is convenient and allows me to set the temperature according to my needs, It’s perfect for a quick cup of tea or 
a hot soup in winter. It is light to hold and boils quickly and quietly. I love its modern, chic design and its many functions. I highly recommend this kettle to anyone.”