The essential guys' guide to hair removal

Say goodbye to that unwanted hair with these simple tips.

19 July 2016:
by Azeez Jacobs

Male hair removal is on the rise. We asked Men’s Health grooming editor Azeez Jacobs how to do it right at home.

1. Maintain brows

When it comes to brows, two are better than one! Use tweezers to clean up the hair outside of the main shape of your brows. Grab the hair close to the root and pull, always in the direction of hair growth. 

2. Banish ear and nose hair

Use a mirror to make sure you can see exactly what you are doing, and carefully snip the tips of the hairs with a nose and ear trimmer or, if you prefer, use scissors with a rounded tip for safety. 

3. Groom your chest 

Always trim your chest hair in the shower – hot water softens the hair and reduces the risk of nicks and cuts. Start with the longest setting on your body groomer and clip your way down to the desired length and thickness so the change doesn’t feel or appear too drastic. Remember to moisturise afterwards. 

4. Watch your back 

Trimming back and shoulder hair can be tricky, so if you have a partner, ask them to help. First, cleanse and exfoliate your back. Set the trimmer on the lowest setting and cut against the grain. Alternatively, you can use hair-removal cream or opt for a professional wax.  

5. Take care of sensitive spots 

Keeping underarm hair trimmed to a reasonable length not only looks better, but you’ll sweat less and smell better. Use a body groomer to trim, but don’t go overboard – your pits don’t need to look overly groomed.

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