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Top 5 fears new dads face

Fatherhood is a huge responsibility. Take heart with this advice.


Why your toddler lies sometimes – and how to deal with it

Is your toddler telling tall tales? Here’s how to teach your child the value of truthfulness.


7 essential ways for dads to bond with their newborns

Bonding doesn’t always come instantly for overwhelmed new dads, but it’s crucial.

Pregnancy Baby

5 crucial discussions to have before falling pregnant

Have these conversations with your partner before you toss your contraception.

Children Baby

Parenting an only child: Should they have a sibling?

More and more people are choosing to only have one child. What are the pros and cons?


Have you bought the right car seat for your toddler?

New legislation demands that children under the age of three be secured in a car seat.


10 baby basics: The essentials you need for your newborn

Our simple checklist breaks it down to the bare necessities, so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Childbirth: What to pack for hospital

Make sure you’re prepared for your little one’s arrival.


Why baby talk is out, and ‘parentese’ is in

Using mispronunciations and sounds could mean trouble for your child’s language skills.

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ClubCard Magazine Issue 4/2016

ClubCard Magazine Issue 1/2017

Our first issue of 2017 is jam packed with great tips on how to stretch your medical aid savings, hold onto that holiday feeling, stay beautiful on a budget & more. Get it in-store.


ClubCard Magazine Issue 6/2016

Make it a feel-good Christmas with delicious DIY gifts and end-of-year party looks.


ClubCard Magazine Issue 5/2016

Get fit fast, revamp your lunchbox and beat spring allergies.