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Children Nutrition

7 speedy, nutritious breakfasts for school mornings

A healthy breakfast is vital but needn’t take too much time – just planning.

Children Nutrition

Does sugar really make children hyperactive?

Well, no, say scientists – but the belief persists. So how much sugar should they be allowed?


Helicopter parents: Are you overparenting your child?

If you want to raise a happy, functional child, it’s time to stop overparenting.

Children Baby

How to stay healthy when you’re caught in the toddler sickness cycle

Tired of catching the bugs your toddler brings home from school? Here’s what to do.

Children Nutrition

5 steps to keep your child’s weight healthy

Getting your child to a healthy weight doesn’t have to be a battle.

Children Nutrition

Could your child be overweight? The experts weigh in

We seek advice from doctors, nutritionists and psychologists on this complex issue.


9 steps for supporting a child with ADHD

Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? Here’s how you can help.


What’s causing the global increase in ADHD?

More and more children are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.