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Contouring 101 with Sorbet

Contouring is one of the easiest ways to make your make-up pop but, we understand that it can still be intimidating. We're here to help!

19 June 2019
By Candice Bresler

It’s time to whip out your palettes and brushes as we get a lesson from the Sorbet team on contouring for beginners. Trust us: Your make-up routine will never be the same.

Click below for the step-by-step video, and then follow along with our detailed steps:

Sorbet Contouring Video

Step 1:

Apply Sorbet's You're Covered Concealer under your eyes with a medium-sized brush, and blend with a dampened blending sponge. Apply concealer to any other areas that are prone to discolouration or redness – often around your nose or chin – before blending with a blending sponge.

Sorbet You're Covered Concealer

Step 2:

Apply the same concealer to the bridge of your nose, drawing a straight line down the centre of your nose with a brush, from between your eyebrows to the tip of your nose. And then, it’s time to blend, blend, blend.

Step 3:

Add definition with the Contour Me contouring palette. Dip a large brush into the darker shade and apply in circular motions below your cheekbones - in the hollow under the apples of your cheeks.

Inside tip: Smile when you do this step so you can see where the shadow naturally falls, and enhance it for natural definition.

Sorbet Contour Me

Step 4:

Apply the contour powder under your jawline with the same large brush, to add definition to the edges of your face.

Step 5:

Use the same brush to gently contour the sides of your nose, either side of the concealer line you drew in step 2.

Step 6:

It’s setting time! Sweep a large brush over your Powderful Stuff Light Pressed Powder, and dust over your undereye area, as well as your chin and nose to set your concealer.

Sorbet Powderful Stuff

Tip: Apply the setting powder over your contoured areas too, to make it pop even more!

Et voila! There you have it – you’re ready to contour like a pro.

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