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Dark nail divas

Many beauty trends have emerged this winter, but one of the biggest and easiest to buy into has to be super-dark nail polish.

02 July 2008
by The Clicks beauty team

Even the sweetest celebs – girls who don’t have a ‘rock chick’ or ‘goth’ bone in their body (think Jessica Simpson and Gwyneth Paltrow) – have been spotted wearing blue or black polish on their usually French-manicured fingers.

It all started when Chanel launched an oh-so-expensive, midnight-blue polish called Blue Satin. The fashion pack went wild and bottles sold out just about everywhere. Now, however, your nails don’t have to be dark blue if you’re to follow the trend. All dark, mysterious shades, be it deep gunmetal, pearly eggplant or a simple, glossy black, are your ticket to instant ‘It-girl’ status.

Top tips for wearing dark nail polish

  • Darker colours tend to look better on shorter nails. It’s also a part of the trend – dark shades on shorter digits. If you prefer to keep your nails really long, don’t go dark.
  • Are your nails in good condition and nicely shaped? Dark polish calls immediate attention to your fingers and will make any imperfections instantly noticeable. If you’re trying to grow out any imperfections, stick to paler shades that won’t highlight or draw attention to your hands.
  • Darker colours can stain your nail bed or turn them yellow. This is why it’s important to protect your nails by applying a base coat first. If do don’t have one, try using a lighter nail polish that matches your natural nail colour.
  • Didn’t listen and now you’ve stained your nails? To remove stains, try soaking your nails in a little bleach, or rub them with half a lemon. You could also try buffing the surface of them, but if the stains run deep into the nail bed, don’t even attempt it – you’ll only wear your nails down, making them thin and weak.
  • When you’re wearing a lighter colour and it chips, you’re not likely to notice it as much. With a darker shade, you’ll spot that straight away and go from trendy to trashy-looking in two seconds flat. To prevent this, invest in a good top coat. It’ll also add a nice shine and stop your colour from turning flat or matte looking.

Fingertip fact

Did you know that in ancient China, only the royal family was allowed to wear dark nail polish? If you were a mere ‘civilian’ and decided to attempt the look, your faux pas was punishable by death!