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Get picture-perfect make-up

Be photo-ready and always look your best in those spontaneous shots with these top tips

23 December 2013
by Karen Nel

The summer holidays are here, and with them lots of parties and events where everyone with a phone will be snapping your picture and uploading it onto social media platforms. Make sure you dazzle with our simple-yet-effective make-up tips for photo readiness:

  1. First things first: prepare you skin. Follow your usual cleansing and toning routine and then apply a lightweight moisturiser and let it sink into your skin for at least 10 minutes. Next, cover your entire face with a thin layer of make-up primer. Make-up primer creates the perfect base for applying make-up, and it helps to make your make-up look flawless.
  2. The next step is to cover up any imperfections or dark rings with a good-quality concealer. Try applying it with a make-up brush as this tends to give a more flawless finish than rubbing it in with your fingers. Next, apply a layer of compact powder in a shade that matches your face. “Compact powder is great for cutting out daytime shine in photos. For nighttime photos, try covering your face with a thin layer of bronzing powder – it works really well to cover up the kind of shine that tends to show when photos are taken at night,” says Clicks beauty consultant Wiesaal Davids.
  3. Eye make-up looks incredibly striking in photos, so it’s worth going to a bit of extra effort. “Choose a shade that flatters your eye colour. So, for example, if you have blue eyes, try purple or white shadow,” says Wiesaal. For a very effective look, use a brighter colour on the eyelid and blended up into the crease. Then blend in a lighter colour from the crease and onto the brow bone. Finish off with two coats of mascara.
  4. Keep your lips simple. Bright red lips can easily detract from everything else on a photo. Rather try light to medium shades of pink and plum lipstick or gloss. “If you have dark skin, a clever trick is to brush foundation over your lips and then cover it with a slick of clear gloss. It gives a beautiful, natural look on photos,” adds Wiesaal.

Great party make-up

A New Year’s Eve party or a year-end function is the perfect opportunity to experiment with bolder party make-up. Play up one item of your make-up, for example your eyes or nails, to ensure that you look fun and festive, rather than overdone.