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Kids Toothpaste Red Berries 50ml

Elgydium Red Berries Kids Toothpaste Gel 50ml effectively protects milk teeth in children age 2 to 6 year olds through the addition of an appropriate amount of fluorine for this age (500 PPM of fluoride ions). This toothpaste gel offers a unique formula which strengthens the tooth enamel and provides effective protection against the first cavities.

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Elgydium Red Berries Kids Toothpaste Gel 50ml

Detailed Description:
Milk teeth enamel is thinner and less mineralized than permanent teeth enamel. Elgydium tooth decay protection kids - red berries flavour, effectively protects milk teeth in children age 2 to 6 year olds through the addition of an appropriate amount of fluorine for this age (500 PPM of fluoride ions). This toothpaste gel offers a unique formula which strengthens the tooth enamel and provides effective protection against the first cavities. It contains:Fluorinol® - 2nd generation amine fluoride (pierre fabre patent(1) which helps strengthen and protect teeth due to its rapid fixation on the enamel(2).Siliglycol which forms a protective film and which promotes Fluorinol® fixation to the surface of the teeth(2).Elgydium tooth decay protection kids - red berries flavour, for better protection of milk teeth in 2-6 year olds. Also available in fresh strawberry and banana flavours.Properties: daily dental hygiene. Added protection for tooth enamel against cavities. Mild and low-abrasive cleansing base which respects the gums and the enamel.(1) France and international patent. Patent 75.23715.(2) In vitro tested.Email: [email protected] 50 ml e.Pierre fabre consumer health care.Oral hygiene:Oral health depends first and foremost on good oral hygiene. It is an essential daily habit to eliminate dental plaque which constantly forms on the surface of the teeth. Plaque build-up causes various ailments: cavities, gum problems, tartar formation and bad breath.Children's teeth are more sensitive to oral attacks, for various reasons. Therefore, good oral hygiene is essential as soon as the first teeth appear.The enamel of children's teeth is more fragile and more exposed to acid attack. It is essential to practice good oral hygiene, to avoid cavities forming and further complications.This is why it is recommended to brush teeth after every meal, using a soft toothbrush and a toothpaste with a fluorine content suited to the age of the child.Cavities, a constant risk for teeth:If teeth are not brushed, bacteria can develop on the surface of baby teeth and permanent teeth, causing cavities. These bacteria transform sugars from food into acids, which can damage the enamel and the rest of the tooth. Fluorine, which is present in these toothpastes in particular, will help teeth have better resistance, and a supply of fluorine is essential during childhood.Your dentist and/or doctor will advise you.Continued vigilance is required, as cavity is not always visible. An annual visit to the dentist will detect any problems.Brushing technique:After each meal, thoroughly brush all the surfaces of the teeth, for 2 to 3 minutes:1. First the inner surfaces, then the outer surfaces, and finally the chewing surfaces.2. Brush top and bottom separately, and incline the toothbrush diagonally towards your gum.3. ...Always brush from pink to white.The Elgydium range:Elgydium offers a range of toothpaste for the whole family and all your oral hygiene needs.A part of the range contains a unique and well-known ingredient, fluorinol® (nicomethanol hydrofluoride), a fluoride patented by pierre fabre*.A second generation amine fluoride, Fluorinol® releases fluoride ions which bind five times more to the enamel than a classic mineral fluoride, within the first minute of contact1.This helps to re-mineralise and strengthen the enamel for better protected teeth.Regular dental hygiene is recommended, with a toothpaste suited to the child's age, to ensure effective protection against risks of tooth cavities.Elgydium laboratories offers a range of toothpastes suited to everyone's needs:For 2-6 year olds:Elgydium kids tooth decay protection toothpastes help to effectively protect baby teeth and are available in 3 different flavours: red berries, fresh strawberry and banana.For 7-12 year olds:The Elgydium junior tooth decay protection toothpaste is available in bubblegum flavour, helping to effectively protect permanent teeth.Adults: Elgydium range provides an offer suited to everyone's needs:Elgydium tooth decay protection: daily fluoride toothpaste based on Fluorinol®, which helps to prevent the appearance of tooth cavities by improving resistance to acid attack.Elgydium sensitive: daily gel toothpaste based on Fluorinol®, which is gentle on vulnerable tooth surfaces and provided tailored protection for sensitive teeth.Elgydium antiplaque: daily toothpaste based on chlorhexidine, a component known for its purifying properties, which, combined with careful brushing, helps prevent the formation of dental plaque on a daily basis (product not sold in France).Elgydium whitening: daily toothpaste based on micropulverized sodium bicarbonate, which promotes the elimination of surface stains while respecting the teeth. Rapid and sustained efficacy was observed by over 90% of subjects2.Available in a lemon-mint flavour. Elgydium whitening cool lemon.Elgydium brilliance & care: cure toothpaste for twice-weekly use, contains two types of silica with Fluorinol®. Its polishing potential contributes to reducing the appearance of tooth stains.1. In-vitro.2. Tolerance and efficacy test conducted under dental control on 52 subjects for 28 days.Elgydium, the oral hygiene expert:Elgydium has been producing high-tech oral hygiene care for over 40 years. A division of pierre fabre oral care, the brand offers toothpastes made in a French pharmaceutical site but also toothbrushes made in Europe with state of-the-art technology and innovation. These products are available from pharmacies, drugstores and dental practitioners.

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50ml e

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Marketing description:
Elgydium.Toothpaste gel.Kids.Tooth decay protection.2/6 years old.With Fluorinol®.Red berries flavour.Pierre fabre.Oral care.


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Usage instructions:
Recommendations for use: recommended in children age 2 to 6 years. Regular tooth brushing allows good oral hygiene. Contains nicomethanol hydrofluoride. From 7 years, as soon as the 1st permanent teeth come through, your child can start using Elgydium tooth decay protection junior, bubble gum flavour.Do not swallow.

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Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate Water, Hydrated Silica, Benzyl Alcohol Cellulose Gum, CI 16185, Flavor (Aroma), Nicotinyl Alcohol HF, PEG-12, PEG-12 Allyl Ether, PEG-12 Dimethicone Sodium Benzoate Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Sodium Propionate Sodium Saccharin, Tetrasodium EDTA.

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