George Foreman


George Family Foreman Grill cooks five portions at once. With a perfectly angled grilling surface and carefully placed ridges, the fat drains away from food quickly and easily, leaving you with meals that have less fat and more flavour.

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George Family Forman Grill

Detailed Description:
308mmx 233mm grilling surface.Includes drip tray.In 1996, the first George Foreman lean mean fat reducing grilling machine was launched, following former heavyweight boxer George Foreman's quest to find a product which allowed him to eat many of his favourite foods, but in a more healthy way. The George Foreman grill has gone on to sell a phenomenal 100 million grills worldwide; its success due to its patented fat reducing grill plates, ease of use, versatility and speed. By grilling from both the top and bottom simultaneously, cooking times are more than halved, while unwanted fat and grease is channelled away from foods into the drip tray provided, for a much tastier and healthier bite.www.georgeforeman.co.za.Healthier eating: sloped grill plates drain away unwanted grease.Up to 3x faster than conventional cooking, saving time and money.New adjustable rear foot for flat or angled cooking flat cooking ideal for sandwiches/paninis.New space saving vertical storage design with cord wrap.Non-stick, easy clean grill plates.Model no. Gr2080, 220-240v - 50/60hz, 1370-1630w.Warranty: full compliance with national consumer protection act, with proof of purchase. One (1) year warranty, with proof of purchase. Please refer to our website and instruction manual inside pack for full details.www.homeofivingbrands.com.Congratulations on purchasing our George Foreman in-shape griller. Each unit is manufactured to ensure safety and reliability. Before using this appliance for the first time, please read the instruction manual carefully and keep it for future reference.Features of the George Foreman in-shape griller.The George Foreman in-shape griller creates rapid, healthier food, bursting with flavour. The griller's innovative design will take up to 5 portions which is ideal cooking for yourself and even for your family. The griller plates are curved to allow fat and grease to quickly drain away and collect in the drip tray. A useful floating hinge has also been added to cope with the even cooking of thicker portions of food. We have even added a special quality non-stick teflon coating to the grill plates for non-stick cooking and easy cleaning.80 sq-inch grilling surface cooks up to 5 portions at once.Powerful 1500w - great tasting healthier food in minutes.Ideal for chicken and tofu, salmon, steaks, panini's, vegetables and frozen foods.Cooks from fresh or frozen.Ready and power light indicator.Teflon coated grill and griddle plates for non-stick grilling and easy cleaning.1 inch high floating hinge design for thicker food or cuts.Integrated drip tray to catch run off fat.Angle adjustable design so you can tilt it or keep it flat:Tilt the grill to speed the flow of fat into the drip tray.Leave it flat to prevent food from drifting towards the front of the grill.Stands upright for compact storage.With cord storage.For domestic use only.Included in the box:George foreman in-shape griller.Removable drip tray.Instruction manual.Specifications:Model - voltage - power.GR2080 - 230v - 50/60hz - 1500w.

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1 Pack

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Marketing description:
George foreman grill.Family.5 portion grill.

George Foreman

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Usage instructions:
Before first use:Carefully unpack the product making sure you keep all the packing material until all the parts of the product have been found and the product has been used. We recommend keeping all the packing material in a safe place in case at any time you wish to re-pack the product for shipping purposes.Place the appliance on a level and stable work surface.Wipe the griller with a damp cloth to remove any manufacturing dust, and then dry.Wipe outer surfaces with a damp, soft cloth or sponge and dry thoroughly.Insert the drip tray underneath the lower curved grilling plate.Condition the cooking plates; pour a teaspoon of vegetable oil onto a piece of absorbent kitchen towel. Spread onto the non-stick griddle surface. Wipe off any excess oil.Operating instructions:Flat or tilted?You may raise the flap, to tilt the grill and speed the flow of fat and grease into the drip tray; or leave it flat to prevent food drifting towards the front of the grill.Grill meat, burgers, anything that exudes fat, on the tilt.Grill sandwiches, panini, foods with fluid ingredients like molten cheese, on the flat.Preparation:Place the griller on a level, stable, heat resistant surface. Leave enough space between the back of the appliance and wall to allow heat to flow without damage to cabinets and walls.Wipe the surface of the plates with cooking oil or a little butter and close the lid. Don't use low fat spread - it may burn on to the griller.Preheat:Centre the drip tray under the front of the grill, so it catches any run-off grease and fat.Put the plug into the power socket, ensuring the power cord does not rest against the grill or get trapped or pinched in the plates. The power light will glow.When the grill reaches operating temperature, the thermostat light will glow. It will then cycle on and off as the thermostat operates to maintain the temperature.Fill the grill:When the thermostat light glows, rather use an oven glove to open the grill.Lay the food on the bottom grill plate with a spatula or tongs, not your fingers.Close the grill. The hinge is articulated to cope with thick or oddly shaped foods.The grill plates should be roughly parallel to avoid uneven cooking.Wait while the food cooks.Check:Check that the food is thoroughly cooked, make sure any juices run clear. If you are in doubt then leave it for a little longer or use a temperature probe to be sure.Use only silicone or heat resistant plastic tongs or wooden utensils to remove food from the grill.Finished?Unplug the grill (switch the socket off first, if it's switchable).Put on the oven glove, empty the drip tray into a heatproof bowl then give it a wipe with kitchen paper and put it under the front of the grill.Hints and tips for grilling:Meat, fish and vegetables should be coated with a light spray of oil before being placed on the grill; this will prevent the food from sticking to the grill plates.It is not recommended to use low fat cooking spray on the grill plates; as the additives that are present may build up on the surface of the cooking plates and reduce their efficiency.To prevent heat loss and for even cooking, do not open the lid frequently.For best results, do not overload the griller.For best results try to have food similar in size and thickness, this results in more even cooking.Use boneless meat, fish and poultry for more even cooking and browning.Remember that since the grill is cooking from both sides, cooking time will typically be shorter than expected. Watch carefully to avoid overcooking.For even more flavour, add dry seasonings or marinade foods before grilling.For great griddle marks on your meat, make sure the temperature is on the highest setting, allow the grill to heat up. Brush the meat with a layer of oil and place on the grill. Press the handle down with light pressure and you will hear a sear, turn the temperature down to continue cooking the food thoroughly.Unfortunately you are unable to adjust the temperature on the GR2080 model, here are a few tips to help manage your food from cooking too quickly:Wipe the grill plates with a little cooking oil or butter, then close it. Don't use low fat spread - it may burn on to the grill.The indicator light will come on, then cycle on and off as the thermostat operates to maintain the Temperature. When the light goes off, the grill is ready for use.You may find it useful to cook your meats in the unit for a few minutes and then let them rest outside of the unit for a moment. Your meat will continue to cook by its own retained heat and may not need to be put back on to the unit. This of course, depends on the thickness of your cuts/food preparation.

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