5 steps to healthier eating habits for school kids

Are your children eating well enough to get through an entire day of school? Follow these vital guidelines.

14 January 2015
by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

1. Have breakfast

It's so easy to get into the habit of rushing through the morning and not eating a healthy breakfast, or missing it completely. In order to have sufficient energy to cope with the mental and physical demands of the school day, children must have a balanced breakfast. This meal should ideally consist of some high-fibre cereal or other slow-release carbohydrate (for example low GI bread), a piece of fruit, and a little protein (nuts or Greek yoghurt are good choices).

2. Pack a healthy lunchbox

Make sure your child's lunchbox is packed with wholesome snacks to keep them going through the day. Dried fruit, cheese wedges, yoghurt and vegetable sticks are great lunchbox staples. For sandwiches, try and limit high-fat fillings and keep processed meats to a minimum.

3. Limit tuckshop money

Unfortunately, most school tuckshops do not offer healthy choices and children are tempted to buy chocolates, crisps and other unhealthy foods. For this reason, money should be kept to a minimum, or not given at all. 

4. Provide lunch at home

Children need to recover from their busy day before sitting down to do homework. Provide them with a balanced meal when they get home – one that does not contain too much fat or sugar. A perfect example would be a serving of vegetables.

5. Make it a family affair

Children learn from the example of those around them, so healthy eating habits should be embraced by the whole family. Make healthy eating a way of life and you'll reap the health and wellness benefits for years to come.

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