How to lose weight for summer – and beyond

Get your body into shape for summer (and for good) by avoiding these five weight-loss pitfalls.

08 September 2014
by Andreas Wilson-Späth

1. Poor body image

You’ll never lose weight if you tell yourself that you’re fat every time you stand in front of a mirror. Of course you shouldn’t lie to yourself about having put on a few extra kilos that deserve to be shed, but the first step towards success is embracing a healthy amount of self-esteem and the firm belief that you can lose weight.

Stop beating yourself up over the shape you’re currently in and start doing something about it with optimism and confidence.

2. Diet fads

It’s best to take no note of the latest celebrity-endorsed weight-loss craze. Shedding weight sustainably is not a once-off quick fix – and never will be. The only real way of managing your weight fluctuations is to fundamentally improve your lifestyle by eating a healthy, balanced diet, controlling portion sizes and exercising on a regular basis.

The equation is straightforward: if you consume fewer kilojoules than you burn, you’ll lose weight. Clinical studies indicate that, regardless of the specific dieting plan being followed, restricting kilojoules is the only consistent feature in successful long-term weight loss.

If you’re concerned about the demands of a new diet you’d like to try, consult the nurse at your nearest Clicks Clinic.

3. Skipping meals

Don’t try to cut dieting corners by missing meals. It’s a strategy that’s bound to backfire as your body’s metabolism is likely to slow down, and you’ll probably end up overeating come supper time anyway.

Eating more frequently by consuming small, less kilojoule-dense, high-fibre snacks (an apple, a mini salad or a wholegrain muffin) throughout the day will yield better results.

Instead of skipping meals, try swapping them with one of a range of weight-loss meal replacement shakes instead. Clicks stocks a wide variety, including Clicks trimshake, Ensure, Ultima 1 and Shape, all of which are available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours.

4. Unrealistic expectations

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t easy. Acknowledge the fact that it’ll take self-discipline and keep your expectations manageable. If you expect too much too soon, you’re bound to be disappointed and may give up as a result.

Be patient, take things one step at a time by setting yourself achievable weekly and monthly goals, and celebrate steady progress instead of hoping for instantaneous results.

5. Radical changes

Revamping your eating habits drastically may well lead to rapid weight loss, but if the demands of your new diet are such that you can’t sustain them in the long run, you’ll soon be back where you started.

Rather small adjustments made on a daily basis are much more likely to offer lasting long-term shifts in your eating behaviour, body weight and overall health.

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