5 ways to fight indigestion and heartburn

Rich food and overindulgence can all lead to indigestion. Here's how to ease the burn.

24 March 2009
by The Clicks Health Team

Controlling indigestion and heartburn may mean a number of changes to your lifestyle – are you ready to take up the challenge? There are many ways to control indigestion and its associated side effects, like heartburn. Some people will suffer badly from it for a long time, while others only experience these ailments if they have overdone it.

Here are some tips to help you fight indigestion and heartburn:

1. Eat slowly!

Why the rush? Take time to enjoy your food, chew it slowly and thoroughly and sit up straight while you eat. This allows your stomach to digest the food properly and will also mean you won’t feel awful after a meal! Watch your portion sizes too as a large meal won’t make your tummy happy. If necessary, aim to eat smaller meals throughout the day.

2. Relax!

Tension and stress are not good for your gut, or your health either. Try exercises like yoga, which boost your digestive system and work to relax you after a stressful day. Get enough sleep too – your body needs time to revive itself.

3. Bad news for smokers and drinkers

Tobacco and alcohol both act as triggers for heartburn and they inhibit the digestive process too. If you smoke or drink you may find that either of these brings on indigestion immediately. Quitting might be your best option in dealing with the tummy troubles.

4. Eat with caution

There are many foods that will aggravate heartburn, so you should try to avoid these as far as possible if you have any hope of easing your discomfort. Things like caffeine, fizzy drinks, chocolate, citrus fruit (it is very acidic) and any hot or spicy foods are all enemies to indigestion sufferers!

5. Pop a pill, but only when it’s really necessary

There are many heartburn remedies out there and antacids which will help ease the symptoms. But be careful of taking too many tablets – always read the label and follow the suggested dose.


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