Prevent and treat colds and flu with these tips

Our Facebook fans recently shared what works for them. Here are a few of their suggestions.

30 May 2014
by Candice Verwey

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Janine Bernadine Adams says Med-Lemon works like a charm.

Carmen Hassam advises drinking a concoction of honey, ginger and lemon in boiling water.

Fathima Chandlay also has a recipe for a flu-fighting hot drink: Place two cinnamon sticks, three cardamom pods, a few cloves, and a piece of fresh ginger in a mug. Add boiling water, as well as honey to sweeten. Drink while hot.

Both Janine Butt and Lezette Snyman swear by Viral Guard Cold & Flu Immune Protection tablets, coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

According to Mmapula Modiba, Cal-C-Vita does the trick.

Theo Motale Serurubele says that jogging is the best prevention ever. (Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose – except maybe those extra few kilos that always seem to pile on at this time of the year.)

Mariam Surran advises getting the flu vaccine and sanitising your hands all the time!

According to Tersia Mulligan, one glass of cold water every morning when you wake up before taking in any other liquid is really beneficial for your immune system.

Rozelda Smith says drinking lots of vitamin C and eating healthy foods is the answer.

Don’t forget nature’s flu-fighters – Zamahlase Toto Sbisi says eating oranges is her number-one line of defence against colds and flu due to their high levels of vitamin C.

How Clicks Clinics can help you during the flu season

Book an appointment for a flu vaccination at a Clicks Clinic by calling 0860 254 257 or visiting Clicks Clinics online. The good news is that most medical aids now cover the flu vaccination and sometimes even reward members. 

Take note that the following people cannot get vaccinated:

  • Babies younger than 6 months
  • Anyone allergic to eggs
  • Anyone who already has a fever
  • Anyone who has shown a past reaction to a vaccine


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