The flu vaccine: Your best bet for avoiding the flu

Here's why the flu shot is your best defence against the fallout of the flu season this winter.

02 March 2020
By Clicks pharmacist Waheed Abdurahman

Winter on the way means this year’s flu season is too. And if everyone’s already coughing and sneezing around you, you may think there’s just no escaping it. The truth is you can! And Clicks is here to help. As the old adage goes: 'prevention is better than cure', and we’re here to provide all the information and support you may need to keep flu far away from you and your loved ones this winter.

Why you should consider a flu shot

The first and most important thing to realise is that having the flu is not the same as having a cold, so they need to be treated differently. Flu affects the lungs and joints, and can lead to pneumonia or even respiratory failure. It’s a very serious illness which may be prevented through vaccination.

Fortunately Clicks Clinics offer flu injections country-wide. The vaccination lasts all season, and the sooner you get your jab the better. The longer you wait, the greater the chances of contracting the flu. Everyone is at risk, even the healthiest among us, but especially the very young and the elderly!

Getting vaccinated is especially important for pregnant women who have increased risk of flu complications like pneumonia, infections and dehydration. And if you were vaccinated last year, it’s essential to get vaccinated again, because the strains of flu that circulate differ every year, leaving you at risk all over again.

Why the flu vaccine won't infect you with the flu

We’ve all heard the myth that the vaccination itself can give you the flu. This is simply not true. The virus contained in the flu shot is weakened and cannot cause infection. After the shot you may experience some mild flu-like symptoms, but this is just your body’s way of creating anti-bodies to fight off any future, more serious infection.

Boost your immune system

Remember that getting vaccinated is by no means a 'get out of jail free' card. Even after your jab it’s important that you continue to boost your immune system by taking the right supplements. Clicks stocks a range of essentials, like vitamin C, immune boosters and echinacea – all tried-and-trusted cold and flu fighters to help you stave off infection.

Ensure that you stock up on lozenges, tissues, nasal sprays and other essential self-medicating products. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to tackle illness head-on if and when it arises.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to pop into your nearest Clicks pharmacy and chat to me or any of our friendly pharmacists for professional advice. We’d be very happy to help you make this winter a warm, happy and healthy one.

Get Vaccinated at one of 400 Clicks Pharmacies

A strong immune system is a vital prevention measure against viruses. Getting the flu vaccine is one of the most effective ways to boost your immunity and protect your family against infection.

Book an appointment for a flu vaccination at a Clicks Clinic by calling 0860 254 257 or follow the link to the online booking portal: clinicbookings.clicks.co.za

The good news is that most medical aids now cover the flu vaccination and sometimes even reward members. Contact your medical aid scheme for eligibility.

Take note that the following people cannot get vaccinated:

  • Babies younger than 6 months
  • Anyone allergic to eggs
  • Anyone who already has a fever
  • Anyone who has shown a past reaction to a vaccine

We have increased our flu vaccination footprint to over 400 Clicks pharmacies. Follow the link for the list of Clicks pharmacies: https://bit.ly/3dgb6vO

For more info visit clicks.co.za/fighttheflu or speak to your Clicks pharmacist.

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