Aspire Copper Dome Kettle

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Kambrook Aspire 2200W Kettle offers premium quality, variety and great value for money. The kettle has a 360-degree rotation function for easy usage, cable storage underneath the base, a water level indicator and a removable water filter.

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Detailed information

Kambrook Aspire 2200W Kettle

Detailed Description:
Enhance your experience with Kambrook aspire's beautifully designed electrical appliance range. Expect premium quality, variety and great value for money. 12 month guarantee. Otter controller. 360 - degree rotation for easy use. Cable storage beneath base. Water level indicator. Removeable water filter. Customer call centre: 0860 254 257. www.clicks.co.za. Made in China to our exact specifications. Due to continued product improvement, the product illustrated on this carton may vary slightly from the actual product. Recyclable. Paperboard carton. Your Kambrook dome kettle: 1. Lid. 2. Handle. 3. Water level indicator. 4. On/off switch. 5. Base. 6. Spout. 7. Housing. 8. Indicator light. 9. Filter. Due to our policy of continuous improvement, the actual product may differ slightly from the one illustrated in these instructions. Environmentally friendly disposal: This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead, it should be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Guarantee: This Kambrook kettle is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any factory defects in material or workmanship. Should a failure occur within 12 months, please return the appliance, properly packed and with proof of purchase, to your nearest Clicks store for a full refund or replacement. This guarantee does not apply to any defect, deterioration, loss, injury or damage caused by, or as a result of misuse, abuse, negligent handling or if the product has been used other than in accordance with these instructions. The Kambrook guarantee excludes breakables such as glass, consumables and normal wear and tear. This guarantee is void if there is evidence of the product being tampered with. Kambrook due to the continual improvements in design or otherwise, the product you purchase may differ slightly from the illustration in this book.

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Marketing description:
Kambrook. The smarter choice. Aspire. 2200W. Kettle. 360 degrees rotation for easy use. Boil-dry protection. Removeable water filter.


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How to use

Usage instructions:
Care instructions: kettle will remain hot for a long period of time after use. Before first use: 1. Remove all packaging materials. 2. Wipe the outside of the kettle and the base with a moistened cloth. 3. Stand the base on a dry and level surface. 4. Fill the kettle to the max. level with clean water. 5. Connect the kettle to a wall socket and switch on. 6. When the kettle has boiled, remove it from the base and empty. 7. Rinse, refill to the max. level and repeat steps 3 - 6 again. 8. Rinse. Caution: never open the lid while the kettle is boiling. Operating instructions: 1. Connect the base unit to a suitable wall socket. 2. Fill the kettle with clean water. Note: do not put more water in the kettle than you intend to use at one time. This will save both time and energy. Also, water is best when it is freshly boiled. 3. Place the kettle on to the base and switch on. 4. When the kettle has boiled, it will switch off automatically. 5. Lift the kettle from the base and pour out the water as required. Note: the kettle is equipped with boil dry protection. If you forget to fill the kettle with water and switch it on, the protection will activate, preventing damage to the kettle. Leave the kettle to cool for 10 minutes, then fill with cold water. The trip switch will then be reset and the Kettle can be used again. Care and cleaning: Note: always unplug the kettle from the mains supply socket and allow it to cool down completely before cleaning or descaling. Do not immerse the kettle, power base or power cord and plug in water or any other liquid. 1. Unplug the kettle from the wall socket and allow it to fully cool down. 2. Wipe the exterior of the kettle and the base with a moistened cloth. 3. Dry with a soft cloth. 4. Do not use abrasive, aggressive or caustic cleaning materials. These can cause permanent damage to your appliance. 5. If you live in an area of hard water (high calcification) then you may suffer from a build-up of lime scale. If this happens, use a proprietary de-scaling product to treat the kettle. Fallow the manufacturer's instructions. On completion, fill the kettle with clean water, boil, empty and rinse. Repeat this twice before using the kettle again. 6. You may notice the appearance of small rust spots within the kettle. This is caused by impurities in the water. It is not a fault, nor a cause for concern. Removing mineral deposits from the kettle: Mineral deposits in tap water may cause the interior of the Kettle to discolour over time. This discolouration can appear as white or brownish marks. You can remove these by using a proprietary Kettle descaler product, which can be readily found in most hardware stores or supermarkets. They can also be removed by using the following method: Fill the Kettle until it is 2/3 full with 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water. Boil and allow to stand overnight. Empty the kettle. Fill the kettle again with clean water, bring to the boil and discard the water. Refill the kettle once more, boil and again discard the water. The kettle will now be ready for use. Maintenance: If you live in an area of hard water (high calcification) then you may suffer from a build-up of lime scale. If this happens, then use a proprietary kettle descaler, following the manufacturer's instructions, to remove the deposits. It is generally good practice to carry this out on a monthly basis, as a preventative measure. Before adding the descaling agent, unclip the filter from inside the spout (accessed through the lid) then, before adding the descaler, drop the filter into the kettle. When the descaling has completed, tip out the filter and rinse it. Rinse out the kettle and replace the filter by locating the bottom clip first, then pressing the top into position. Follow the manufacturer's directions to remove any remaining descaling agent from the kettle.

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