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Food Steamer White

Kambrook Smartlife Food Steamer gives you the option of healthy wholesome meals. You can say goodbye to oily greasy foods or overcooked vegetables once you’ve added it to your kitchen essentials.

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Clicks Smartlife By Kambrook Healthy Living Food Steamer

Detailed Description:
Did you know? Using certain appliances to process your food, can add lots of health benefits to your diet! That's why Smartlife now offers you a range of electrical appliances, specifically designed to help you eat and live healthier! With the Smartlife electrical range, you can prepare healthy drinks, healthy snacks, blend, dehydrate and process foods to ensure none of those beneficial nutrients get lost in the process. So go for it - enjoy delicious, healthy food while saving time and ensuring your optimal health!Convenient water level indicator with cooking guide.Convenient clip-on baskets.Freezer- and microwave-safe containers.Benefits:Healthy cooking, no oil needed.Vitamins and minerals naturally present in foods are not lost.Food - quantity - steam time.Rice - 400g - 30 min.Fresh fish - 400g - 12-15 min.Poultry - 4 pieces - 12 min.Beef - 250g - 8-10 min.Fresh broccoli - 400g - 16-18 min.12 month guarantee.Customer service centre: 0860 254 in China to our exact specifications.Due to continued product improvement, the product illustrated on this carton may vary slightly from the actual product.Model no.: KFS 002.Recyclable:Paperboard carton.Contents:Kambrook recommends safety first - p4.Operating instructions - p5.Care and cleaning - p6.Guarantee - p7.Your Kambrook food steamer:1. Lid.2. Handle.3. Steamer baskets.4. Rice container.5. Body water box.6. Water level indicator.7. Power indicator light.8. 60-minute timer.Guarantee:The Kambrook food steamer is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any factory defects in material and workmanship. Should a failure occur within 12 months, please return it with the packaging and proof of purchase to your nearest Clicks store for a full refund or replacement.This guarantee does not apply to any defect, deterioration, loss, injury or damage caused by, or as a result of misuse or abuse, negligent handling, or if the product has been used other than in accordance with the instructions.The Kambrook guarantee excludes breakables such as glass, ceramic items, consumable items and normal wear and tear. This guarantee is void if there is evidence of the product being tampered with.Customer service centre: 0860 254 257.Kambrook due to continual improvements in design or otherwise, the product you purchase may differ slightly from the illustration in this book.

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Marketing description:
Clicks.Smartlife by Kambrook.The smarter choice.Food steamer.Healthy living.Freezer-and microwave-safe containers.Interchangeable transparent steamer baskets.60-minute timer.Water level indicator.Includes rice bowl.Dishwasher-safe baskets.Energy efficient.Benefits.Less waste.


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Usage instructions:
Smart tips:1. Do not overload the steamer, as this may cause uneven steaming. Ensure that there is enough room around each food item to ensure that steam is circulated evenly.2. Ensure lid is closed during steaming and do not lift unnecessarily, as this will hinder the steaming process.3. To enjoy grains at their best, we recommend parboiling first and then finishing off by steaming.Instruction booklet.Please read these instructions before use.Before use:Before you use the food steamer for the first time, thoroughly clean all the components of the appliance, except for the base which contains electrical parts and should never come into contact with water.Operating instructions:1. Place the appliance on a stable, level surface. Pour in cold water up to the maximum mark.Warning:Do not add any salt, pepper, seasonings, herbs, wine, stock or any liquid other than tap water to the water basin.2. Place drip tray in base and ensure that it is laid flat.3. Using the rice bowl:Assemble the steamer bowl first.Place the steamer bowl on the base.Add rice and water as per the table provided.Place the rice bowl in the steamer basket.4. Plug into the power supply.5. Do not operate the appliance without the steaming bowl and lid in place.6. Cover the steaming bowl with the lid.Warning:Ensure that the appliance is correctly assembled before using. Only use the accessories provided.7. Set timer for the recommended time. The power indicator light will turn on for approximately 3-4 minutes before steaming will start.Condensation during steaming is normal.Note:The timer operates regardless of whether the steamer is plugged into the electrical outlet or not.Ensure that the power indicator light is on when setting the timer.8. When steaming is complete, the timer will ring once and the power indicator light will switch off. The appliance switches off automatically when the timer has completed.Warning:Take care when handling the base, baskets and lids during and after use, as they are very hot. To prevent burns, always use oven gloves or a cloth when removing the lid or steamer baskets, as hot steam will escape. Remove the lid slowly with the inside of the lid pointing away from you, and allow the steam to escape gradually. Hold lid over the unit to allow the condensation to drain into the steamer.Do not reach into the unit while steaming. Use a long utensil to check on steaming progress.9. In order to prevent foods from being overcooked, remove the steamer baskets immediately using a cloth, then place on a plate. If using the rice container, remove carefully, holding it by its sides.10. After use, unplug the appliance and allow to cool completely before storing it away.Note:Do not use abrasive, aggressive or caustic cleaning materials, as these can cause permanent damage to your appliance.Hints and tips:The steaming times stated in the charts and recipes are only a guide. Times may vary depending on the size of food pieces, spacing of the food in the steamer basket, freshness of food and personal preference. As you become familiar with the steamer, adjust cooking times.Steaming times are for the quantity stated in the chart or recipe. For larger or smaller quantities, adjust the time accordingly.The steaming times are all based on food cooked in the lower basket, unless specifically stated otherwise. Food cooked in the upper basket may take slightly longer to cook.All times stated in the charts and recipes are based on the use of cold water.Always place the largest pieces or foods with the longest cooking time in the lower basket.While steaming meat or poultry and vegetables, always place the meat or poultry in the lower basket so that juices from raw or partially cooked meat cannot drip onto other food.Steaming times for food in the upper basket are usually slightly longer; therefore allow an extra 5 minutes for steaming.If foods with different cooking times are being steamed, start by cooking the food with the longest cooking time in the lower basket lid with oven mitts or a cloth and place the upper basket on top. Cover with lid and continue steaming.Steaming charts and recipes:Important:For recipes with longer cooking times, reset the timer and top up with more water. When refilling, always switch off the appliance first. Empty the drip tray carefully, as the liquid may be hot. Add sufficient warm water (but not boiling water) for the remaining steaming time.Steaming vegetables:Cut off thick stems from cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage.Steam leafy, green vegetables for the shortest time possible, as they lose their colour easily.Season vegetables after steaming for best results.Frozen vegetables should not be thawed before steaming.Food - type - quantity - steam times.Artichokes - fresh - 3 medium - 45-50 min.Aparagus - fresh - 400g - 13-15 min.Aparagus - frozen - 400g - 16-18 min.Baby sweet corn - fresh - 230g - 30-35 min.Green beans - fresh - 400g - 38-40 min.Broccoli - fresh florets - 400g - 16-18 min.Broccoli - fresh florets - 400g - 15-18 min.Cabbage - fresh, sliced - 400g - 35-40 min.Carrots - fresh, sliced - 400g - 20-22 min.Cauliflower - fresh florets - 400g - 16-18 min.Courgettes - frozen - 400g - 18-20 min.Courgettes - fresh, sliced - 400g - 15-18 min.Button mushrooms - fresh - 200g - 12-15 min.Peas - frozen - 400g - 15-18 min.Potatoes - fresh, quarters - 400g - 20-22 min.Spinach - fresh - 250g - 8-10 min.Spinach - frozen - 400g - 18-20 min.Steaming rice:If you prefer stickier rice, remove the drip tray.Use the rice bowl and add the required quantity of liquid with the rice.Food - type - quantity - steam times.Rice - white - 200g - 20 min.Rice - brown - 400g - 30 min.Steaming fish and seafood:Fish is cooked when it is opaque and flakes easily with a fork.Frozen fish may be steamed without defrosting if separated before steaming and the cooking time is extended.Add lemon wedges and herbs while steaming to improve flavour.Food - type - quantity - steam times.Fish - fresh - 250g - 6-8 min.Fillets - frozen - 250g - 10-12 min.Fish - salmon - 250/400g - 10-12 min.Steaks - tuna - 250/400g - 12-15 min.Mussels - fresh - 400g - 810 min.Oysters - fresh - 6 - 10-16 min.Steaming meat and poultry:Steaming has the advantage of allowing fat to drip away during cooking. Due to the gentle heat, only choose tender, lean cuts of meat and trim off all fat. Meat suitable for grilling is ideal for steaming.Thoroughly cook all food before serving. Pierce with a knife or skewer to check that the centre is cooked and that juices run clear.Sausages must be completely cooked before steaming.Use fresh herbs while steaming to add flavour.Food - type - quantity - steam times.Beef - slices of rump or sirloin - 250g - 8-10 min.Chicken - boneless breast - 4 pieces - 12-15 min.Chicken - drumsticks - 4 pieces - 20-25 min.Lamb - chops - 4 pieces - 10-15 min.Lamb - loin pieces - 400g - 10-15 min.Pork - tenderloin, fillet loin chops - 400g or 4 pieces - 5-10 min.Sausages precooked - frankfurters - 400g - 15 min.Care and cleaning:Unplug the appliance from the wall socket and allow it to cool completely before cleaning.Never immerse the base, cord or plug in water.Do not clean the baskets, rice bowl or lid with abrasive detergents or scourers, as this may damage the surface finish.Empty the water basin and change the water after each use.Wipe the base with a clean, damp cloth and wipe dry.Descale the interior after every 7 to 10 uses, using the directions provided below.Descaling the water basin:After 7 to 10 uses in hard water areas, scale deposits may build up on the heating element. This is a normal process and the build-up will depend on the degree of water hardness in your area.It is essential that the appliance is descaled regularly to maintain steam production and extend the life of the unit.1. Fill the water container and the heating element compartment with white vinegar or vinegar water, up to the maximum mark.Important:Do not use any other chemical or a proprietary descaler.2. Plug in at wall socket. The drip tray, baskets, lid and rice bowl are not used during this procedure.3. Set the Timer for 20-25 minutes.Warning:If vinegar begins to boil over the edge of the Base, unplug appliance and switch off the timer.Reduce the quantity of vinegar slightly.4. When the timer rings, unplug from the wall socket and allow to cool completely before pouring out vinegar.5. Rinse the water basin several times with cold water.

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