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KT Tape

Elastic Sports Tape Black 20 Strips

KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape Black 20 Strips is a kinesiology therapeutic tape that you can use to treat a range of injuries, including sprains and strains. Each strip is big and can last for days when applied.

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KT Tape Elastic Sports Black Tape 20 Strips

Detailed Description:
Inside the box:Roll of 20 precut strips.Basic instructions.Join the community:kttape.com/forum.Cotton.Elastic sports tape.For pain relief and support.Play harder.For common injuries:Carpal tunnel.Hamstring strain.Wrist pain.Runner's knee.Neck strain.Calf strain.Shoulder pain.Achilles tendonitis.Tennis elbow.Plantar fasciitis.Golfer's elbow.Shin splints.Rib pain.Ankle sprain.Gluteus pain.Quad strain.www.kttape.com.non sterile.

Pack size:
1 Pack

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Black.20 precut strips.KT Tape®.Kinesiology therapeutic tape.Original.

KT Tape

Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh

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Usage instructions:
2. Before you start:Use the following tips for best results kttape.com/tips.Apply before activity:Apply tape one hour before beginning activity.Clean skin:Clean dirt, moisture and oils from skin.Activate adhesive:After applying, activate adhesive by rubbing vigorously.How much stretch?Watch for stretch indicators in the instructions and videos.End on skin, not on tape:Apply directly to skin when possible, especially the ends.Don't rip it off!Gently remove tape from skin, use baby oil if necessary.3. KT Tape support:Videos & printable instructions: kttape.com/instructions.Common applications*:Full knee support:Bend knee to 90 degrees.Maintain throughout application.Anchor & apply:Full stretch:Apply half-strip under the kneecap.Anchor & apply:Mid stretch:Anchor on quad. Stretch across bottom of kneecap.Apply ends:No stretch:Apply ends with no stretch.Anchor & apply:Mid stretch:Apply 3rd strip just like the 2nd. Make an 'X'.Apply ends:No stretch:Rub to activate adhesive!Plantar fasciitis:Stretch skin on back of ankle.Maintain throughout application.Anchor:No stretch:Anchor tape on ball of foot.Apply:Mid stretch:Stretch to heel.No stretch past heel.Anchor:No stretch:Anchor on outside of foot.Apply:Full stretch:Stretch from outside edge of foot to ankle.Apply ends:No stretch:Rub to activate adhesive!Achilles tendonitis:Stretch skin on back of ankle.Maintain throughout application.Apply tape:Mid stretch:Center over Achilles tendon to apply.Anchor:No stretch:Anchor ends of tape on either side of foot.Anchor:No stretch:Anchor in front of heel.Apply tape:Mid stretch:Apply over heel and along Achilles tendon.Rub to activate adhesive!Calf strain:Stretch skin on back of ankle.Maintain throughout application.Anchor:No stretch:Anchor below point of pain and muscle.Apply tape:Mid stretch:Apply tape along either side of calf muscle.Anchor:No stretch:Anchor tape slightly below first strip.Apply tape:Mid stretch:Apply tape along other side of calf muscle.Rub to activate adhesive!

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