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KT Tape

Elastic Sports Tape Lime 20 Strips

KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape Lime 20 Strips is a kinesiology therapeutic tape that you can use to treat a range of injuries, including sprains and strains. Each strip is big and can last for days when applied.

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KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape Precut Strips 20

Detailed Description:
Inside the box. Roll of 20 precut strips. Cotton. Play harder. Thank you for purchasing KT Tape. KT Tape is a revolutionary new way to treat common sports injuries. This guide will direct you to the resources that will help you apply and use KT Tape successfully. Good luck and stay active with KT Tape! 1. Find your application: Apps for over 50 common injuries*: Runner's knee. Planter fasciitis. General shoulder pain. General knee pain. Shin splints. Medial knee pain. Neck & shoulder pain. Jumper knee. Lower back pain. Lateral knee pain. Ac joint sprain. Front shoulder pain. SI Joint pain. Peroneal tendonitis. Wrist sprain. Hip flexor. Pain on top of foot. Heel pain. Feet pad pain. ITBS at hip. *Not clinically proven for all applications. Terms of use: by using KT Tape, user agrees that warranties and remedies are limited to product replacement cost. ©2014 KT Health, LLC. All rights reserved. Common applications*. Full knee support. Bend knee to 90 degrees maintain throughout application. Anchor & apply: full stretch: apply half-strip under the kneecap. Anchor & apply: mid stretch, anchor on quad: Stretch across bottom of kneecap. Apply ends: no stretch: apply ends with no stretch. Anchor & apply: mid stretch, apply 3rd strip just like the 2nd. Make an 'X'. Apply ends: no stretch: rub to activate adhesive! Plantar fasciitis: Stretch skin on back of ankle. Maintain throughout application. Anchor: no stretch: anchor tape on ball of foot. Apply: mid stretch: stretch to heel. No stretch past heel. Anchor: no stretch: anchor on outside of foot. Apply: full stretch: stretch: stretch from outside edge of foot to ankle. Apply end: no stretch: rub to activate adhesive! Achilles tendonitis: Stretch skin back of ankle. Maintain throughout application. Apply tape: mid stretch: center over achilles tendon to apply. Anchor: no stretch: anchor ends of tape on either side of foot. Anchor: no stretch: anchor in front of heel. Apply tape: mid stretch: apply over heel and along achilles tendon. Rub activate adhesive! Calf strain: Stretch skin on back of ankle. Maintain throughout application. No stretch: anchor below point of pain and muscle. Apply tape: mid stretch: apply tape along either side of calf muscle. Anchor: no stretch: anchor tape slightly below first strip. Apply tape: mid stretch: apply tape along other side of calf muscle. Rub to activate adhesive! For common injuries. Carpal tunnel. Hamstring strain. Wrist pain. Runner's knee. Neck strain. Calf strain. Shoulder pain. Achilles tendonitis. Tennis elbow. Plantar fasciitis. Golfer's elbow. Shin splints. Rib pain. Ankle sprain. Gluteus pain. Quad strain. www.kttape.com.

Pack size:
20 strips

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Lime. 20 precut strips. KT Tape®. Kinesiology therapeutic tape. Elastic sports tape for pain relief and support*. Original. Endorsed by Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh.

KT Tape

Package type:

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Usage instructions:
2. Before you start: Use the follow tips for best results. Apply before activity: Apply tape one hour before beginning activity. Clean skin: Clean dirt, moisture and oils from skin. Activate adhesive: After applying, activate adhesive by rubbing vigorously. How much stretch? Watch for stretch indicators in the instructions and videos. End on skin, not on tape: Apply directly to skin when possible, especially the ends. Don't rip it off! Gently remove tape from skin, use baby oil if necessary.

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