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Symphony Double Pump Set

Medela Symphony Double Pump Set gives you hands-free expressing - as recommended by moms, lactation consultants and midwives worldwide. Express more milk in less time with the Symphony's 2-Phase Expression, which mimics the baby's natural sucking rhythm. Short, stimulating patterns are followed by longer, more intensive ones, providing optimal milk flow. Switch between the two phases to stimulate increased milk production. As with all Medela breast pumps and accessories, it is BPA free.

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Medela Symphony Double Pump Set

Detailed Description:
Recommended by:Mothers, lactation consultants and midwives worldwide.Visit us: www.medela.com.Milk flow.Feeding.Calma.Sucking.Stimulation.Pumping.Expression.2-phase.Research based support for breastfeeding mothers.Invented by Medela.More milk in less time.For a great breastfeeding experience.As a worldwide leader Medela's emphasis on evidence-based research of baby's natural feeding behaviour has led to the innovations of 2-Phase Expression and Calma. 2-Phase Expression mimics the baby's natural sucking rhythm to express more milk in less time. Short, stimulating patterns are followed by longer, more intensive ones, providing optimal milk flow. Calma, the uniquely designed feeding solution for breast milk, enables the baby to pause and breathe regularly therefore helping to maintain their naturally learned feeding behaviour at the breast. Pioneered to benefit the mother and baby's unique breastfeeding bond.Proven for years:Reusable pump set for use with Medela symphony 2-phase expression breast pump.PersonalFit breast shield size M (24 mm) included.Can also be used with PersonalFit breast shield size S, L, XL and XXL.Body silk seamless.The most comfortable bra in the world.Luxuriously soft, double layer fabric for added comfort.4-way stretch, premium fabric adapts to moms' changing shape throughout pregnancy and nursing.Seamless and wire-free design.Removable foam inserts provide a flattering natural shape and modesty.Easy open and close clips.Full drop-away bra cups.Perfect for every day. Ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding.Bravado!® designs.A Medela Company.Find your Bravado body silk seamless nursing bra size:Rib band size inch/cm:Cup Size - 32/80 - 34/85 - 36/90 - 38/95 - 40/100 - 42/105 - 44/110 - 46/115.B - S - S - S - M - M - L - L - L.C - S - S - M - M - M - L - L - XL.D - S - M - M - M - L - L - L - XL.DD/E - S - M - L - L - L - XL - XL - XL.DDD/F - M - M - L - L - XL - XL - XL - XL.Available from breastpumps + beyond or contact us to find your nearest supplier.Available in:Ivory.Black.Pink ice.Butterscotch.Hands-free expressing!The easy expression bustier from Medela is comfortable, relaxing and easy to use.It is the ideal solution for hands-free double or single pumping and can be used with all Medela's 2-phase electric breastpumps.Breastpumps + beyond.Tel: (011) 788-9102.Email: [email protected] you using the right size?A correctly fitted breastshield avoids compression of any milk ducts during pumping to ensure optimal breast emptying and maximum milk output.1. Centre the nipple in the breastshield tunnel.2. Turn on the pump and check the following points:Is your nipple moving freely in the tunnel?Is minimal or no areolar tissue being pulled into the tunnel of the breastshield?Do you see a gentle, rhythmical motion in the breast with each cycle of the pump?Do you feel the breast emptying all over?Is your nipple pain-free?If your answer to any of the above questions is "No", try a larger (or smaller) breastshield.Medela's range of PersonalFit breastshields allows mothers to choose the breastshield that is the right size for them, to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency while pumping.S - 21 mm.M - 24 mm.L - 27 mm.XL - 30 mm.XXL -, 36 mm.Breastfeeding and working?Yes, you can!The benefits for you and your baby are many.It is amazing what (wonderful and varied) solutions mothers find if they really want to work and still enjoy the pleasure of breastfeeding.Expressing:Expressing for every missed feed helps you maintain your breast milk supply.You will need to pump enough milk to leave with your baby's caregiver for a day's feeds and a little spare in the freezer for emergencies. If your milk supply ever drops, remember the golden rule: the more you pump the more you make. Not only this but you also need to pump for longer to stimulate more, so you pump for 5 minutes on each side, after the milk stops flowing. Medela 2-Phase electric breastpumps are the best to use for this extra stimulating, as they are gentle and very effective. Switch between the two phases to stimulate increased milk production. For greatest comfort, before you start to express with any pump, wet the breastshield (funnel) and the areoia surrounding the nipple with a little hand expressed milk or cool sterile water.See our Medela chart "choose the breastpump that suits you best".Hands-free expressing!Comfortable, relaxing and easy to use.The Medela easy expression bustier is the ideal solution for hands-free double or single pumping. It can be used with all Medela's 2-phase electric breastpumps.Storage:Normally, the milk you express today, you give to your baby tomorrow. Date your milk, so you can use the oldest first. Medela make disposable freezer bags and breast milk storage bottles especially for storing breast milk. As with all Medela breast pumps and accessories, they are BPA free and always have been. Medela freezer bags are double lined to prevent freezer burn and to maintain the optimum nutritive value of your precious breast milk.Washing your hands at work.Always wash your hands before expressing. Take your own paper towel to dry your hands (don't use communal towels). You will need your own plastic bowl etc, if you need to wash your pump at work, as well as the necessary sterilizing utensils. You can sterilize at home and use your pump at work. Try Medela's Quick Clean microwave sterilizing bags.Transporting expressed breast milk:Best to transport in a bag with a separate cooler compartment with large frozen freezer bricks, suitable for SA's warm climate. Medela have a versatile, elegant, CityStyle Breastpump bag with a separate insulated cooler compartment containing 4 milk bottles with lids and a specially shaped freezer brick which will keep your breast milk really cool. It will accommodate the following Medela breastpumps: swing, mini electric, swing maxi, harmony, lactaset and manual.Mothers cope in so many ways:Before you return to work, ask if you can have a private place to express. If you have your own office, you can close the door and pump whilst still working, holding the pump in one hand, or using the Medela easy expression bustier, with double pumping being the fastest. Mothers who work in an open plan office pump discreetly in a corner. Some look forward to this break at lunchtime, put their feet up, read a book, eat their lunch and pump, all at the same time.Working mothers have more milk on Mondays and less milk on Fridays. Over the weekend you can breastfeed often again and that frequent feeding builds up the supply again by Monday.Do remember that these are only guidelines and mothers cope in many different ways. For further information on working and breastfeeding, refer to the article in Expectant Mother's Guide 2016, page 166. www.babytalk.co.za.Jane Pitt.Cell: 083 300 4302.All BPA free.1. Mild engorgement, drawing out flat or inverted nipples, working.2. Low milk supply, sore nipples, latch-on problems, breast infection, severe engorgement, premature, twins or hospitalised baby, lactating for an adopted baby.Expressing for every missed feed helps you maintain your breastmilk supply.Available in 7g and 37g tubes.For sore or cracked nipples.Soothes and protects.Safe for baby.No need to remove before breastfeeding.Keeps nipples soft and supple.100% ultra pure lanolin.No additives.No preservatives.Copyright ©Jane Pitt 2009.Purelan™ 100 for breastfeeding mothers.PureLan™ 100 provides fast soothing relief for sore or cracked nipples. Can also be used during the last 3 months of pregnancy. Keeps nipples soft and supple. Wash hands before use. Apply PureLan™ 100 after breastfeeding or as needed.For cracked nipples apply sparingly 30 minutes before, as well as liberally after. You can use any excess on your lips, cuticles or any dry skin. It's a great moisturiser. Safe for baby. No need to remove before breastfeeding. 100% ultra pure lanolin. No additives. No preservatives.Early frequent breastfeeding:Breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby. Starting early, within the first hour after birth and skin to skin contact, gives breastfeeding the best start, followed by "rooming in" and frequent breastfeeding, both in hospital and at home.Incorrect positioning and poor latch-on techniques are the most common causes of sore or cracked nipples. If you experience difficulty latching your baby to your breast, get help early from a breastfeeding consultant.PureLan™ 100 + Medela breast shells:Medela Breast Shells, worn inside your bra, protect and keep your nipples completely free of contact with your bra and together with PureLan™ 100 provide unbelievable relief from the pain of sore or cracked nipples.Breast shells protect sore or cracked nipples.Sole distributors of Medela products in SA.www.medela.com.Pump sets are personal care items. For hygienic reasons they cannot be returned once opened. Content may vary from picture.©Medela AG.

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Medela.Symphony®.Double pump set.No. 1 choice of hospitals & mothers.Invented by Medela.2 phase expression technology.Double pumping efficiency.BPA.Bisphenol-A free.


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