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Modul 8

Drops 50ml

Modul8 Drops 50ml is a homoeopathic remedy made form all-natural ingredients and helps the body heal itself. This helps enhance life quality and increase vitality.

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Modul8 Drops 50 ml

Detailed Description:
Scheduling status: n/a. Proprietary name (and dosage form): Modul8 drops (immunomodulator). Composition: per 50 ml. Aconitum napellus DH20. Arsenicum album DH18 Asafoetida DH20. Calcarea carbonica DH16. Conium maculatum DH17. Ethanol purified water 0.2% v/v. Phosphorus DH20. Rhus toxicondendron DH17. Ipecacuanha DH13. Silicea DH20. Sulphur DH24. Thuja occidentalis DH19. Pharmacological classification: A 32.2 other homeopathic preparation. Pharmacological action: Homeopathy is the long-standing art of healing the sick by using substances capable of causing the same symptoms, syndromes and conditions when administered to healthy people. The action of homeopathic medicines is to enable the natural self-regulating mechanisms in the mind and body to function more efficiently. It mobilizes and reinforces the body's natural healing ability. The indications for Modul8 are derived from their homeopathic drug pictures or provings. Provings are the testing of substances to find out what symptoms the substance is capable of producing and hence healing. There are three major pillars of homeopathy: the law of similars, the potentisation of remedies and the working of the life force or dynamis. The law of similars is a homeopathic doctrine or system of beliefs accepted as authoritative stating that any substance which is capable of producing morbid symptoms in the healthy will remove similar symptoms occurring as an expression of disease (similia similibus currentur - likes are cured by likes). Potentisation or dynamisation is the precess of increasing the vital energy, and thus the potency, of a substance through specific forms of serial dilutions, termed "succussion" or "trituration". Dynamisation is the goal of remedy production. Life or vital force is a spirit-like essence that animates a living organism. In homeopathy, disease is considered to originate as a disruption of the vital force. Symptoms produced are thought to reflect the nature of the disruption. At the present time, all three of these principles find no basis in any known scientific theory. Indications: Modul8 drops may advance the quality of life as it enhances the life or vital forces by improving the body's own capacity to heal. Modul8 is a complex homeopathic remedy to be used within homeopathic tradition. Interactions: none known. Identification: colourless solution. Presentation: 50 ml amber coloured glass bottle with dropper. Registration number: to be allocated. Name and address of the holder of the registration certificate: Natel Neutratec (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

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Marketing description:
Modul8™. 50 ml.

Modul 8

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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use: unless otherwise prescribed, do not exceed the stated dose. Strike the bottom of the bottle with one hand on the palm of the other hand 15 times before each use. 10 drops sub-lingual (under the tongue) 3 times per day 30 minute before meals. Take Modul8 at least twenty minutes away from anything strongly flavoured: food, drink (except water), smoking, toothpaste and any other medication. The effects of homeopathic remedies are thought to be enhanced by absorption through the lining of the mouth and any strong flavours may interfere with this absorption. Directions for use: unless otherwise prescribed, do not exceed the stated dose. Strike the bottom of the bottle against the palm of the other hand 15 times before each use. Dosage: 10 drops sublingually (under the tongue) 3 times per day, 30 minutes before meals.

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Each 50ml Contains: Aconitum Nopellus DH20, Arsenicum Album DH18, Asafoetida DH20, Calcarea Corbonica DH16, Conium Maculatum DH17, Ipecacuanha DH13, Phosphorus DH20, Rhus Toxicodendron DH17, Silicea DH20, Sulfur DH24, Thujo Occidentalis DH19, Preservative: Alcohol 0.2% v/v, Purified Water.

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5.0 from 1 reviews Write a review
Very helpful 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 21 Feb 2018

Its tasteless and colourless but helpful immune booster, the bottle lasts the entire month if taken as directed on the package only 10 drops.

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