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Nature Fresh

Calcium Complex 350g

Nature Fresh Cal Complex 350g contains calcium, magnesium, boron and tissue salts that are specially formulated to be quickly absorbed by the body where it assists with overall general health. Contains no sugar, flavourants, lactose or wheat.

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Nature Fresh Calcium & Magnesium Complex 300g

Detailed Description:
Per 5ml powder: (approx values). 1000mg calcium complex/calcium citrate (=400mg elemental. Calcium). 400mg magnesium complex (=132mg elemental magnesium). 115mg sodium/potassium electrolytes. 30mg vitamin C. 10mg zinc gluconate with 1mg copper. 3mg boron. 2mg vitamin B6 with 2.5ug vitamin D3. Homeopathic tissue salts D6: calc phos, calc sulph, nat phos, kali mur, nat sulph, nat mur, calc fluor. (To assist absorption). This product contains no: animal products, wheat, lactose, yeast, sugars, flavouring, colours, stimulants or other chemicals. How can I absorb more calcium? The average person can only assimilate 200 mg of calcium per day. Extra calcium is used for alkalizing or to excrete toxins & heavy metals that it binds to. Calcium is best absorbed when its pH is acidified and combined with magnesium, vitamins: B6, D3 & C. Trace elements and tissue salts assist the process, to target weakened areas. Boron helps to prevent the loss of calcium and facilitates the secretion of beneficial estrogen. Kidney stones are caused by a shortage of calcium and they contain eroded bone tissue and acid. For more information and help, visit: www.naturefresh.co.za. Tel: +27 21 709 0050. Economy pack. Tablets are also available in the same formulation. 300g.

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Marketing description:
Nature Fresh. Calcium & magnesium complex. Ca + Mg. Calcium, magnesium, boron & tissue salts. Formulated to assist rapid absorption.

Nature Fresh

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Re-Closable Packaging

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Usage instructions:
Directions for taking: adults, general dose: 1 x 5ml (a heaped teaspoon) once or twice a day. Tots and teens: 2.5ml - 5ml once a day. 8 months - 1 year: 2.5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) per day. The best time to take calcium: at bedtime, as we use more of it at night. During the day we also lose calcium & magnesium when we perspire or become too acidic. This causes: cramps, restless legs, nervous & digestive disorders, twitches, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, poor concentration, brittle fingernails and eventually weakened joints and thinning bones. It should be taken prior to and during menstruation, to help prevent period pains. Take other medications 1-2 hours before or after calcium. How to use this product: mix the powder in a little milk or water. Then drink some more water as a chaser. Some people add it to cereal, juice or smoothies. Enjoy!

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