Using the latest scientific ingredients like; antioxidants; amino acids; proteins; and anti-inflammatories, Dr. Miracle's has created a Thermalceutical complex that you will actually feel working on your hair and scalp.

The sensation on your scalp promotes healthy, shiny, growing hair while stopping any itching or irritation on your scalp. Dr. Miracle's claims these products will be the finest, most effective hair care system you have ever used!

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Tip 1

Damaged Hair Treatment

Struggling with a dry scalp? We would recommend using lighter strength relaxers and also a gentle shampoo and conditioner containing vitamin-rich ingredients. Condition the hair every day, even when you don't shampoo.

We suggest using the Dr. Miracle's Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment R89.99, which promotes strong, shiny, healthy growing hair- specifically formulated for stubborn hair and scalp problems. This is our deep conditioning, medicated treatment, rich in essential oils, proteins, anti-inflammatories, amino acids and anti-oxidants.’

Tip 2

No-Lye Relaxer

Struggling with hair breakage after relaxing?

We recommend Dr. Miracle's Thermalceutical Intensive No-Lye Relaxer R79.99. This simple straightening system relaxes new growth and nourishes hair while preventing breakage that occurs during relaxing.