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Gel 100g

Contains active ingredients includingDiclofenac

R 18500

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Otc Product Info

Panamor Muscle and Joint Care Panamor Gel 100g

Detailed Description:
Composition:Each 100g gel contains:Diclofenac hydroxyethylpyrrolidine 1.292g.Preservative:Isopropanol - 8.0 % m/m.Pharmacological classification:A 3.1- antirheumatics (anti-inflammatory agents).Pharmacological action:Panamor gel is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic preparation designed for external application.Following the local application of Panamor gel, the active ingredient is absorbed through the skin. The percutaneous absorption of diclofenac, estimated in healthy volunteers by measuring the unmetabolized fraction in the urine, is about 6% of the applied dose.Experimental studies in animals have shown that after local application, the active ingredient enters the skin and penetrates the underlying tissues where it attenuates the acute and chronic inflammatory reactions. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Panamor gel in traumatic and rheumatic inflammation result in a decrease in swelling and a reduction in pain on pressure and movement.Indications:Panamor gel is indicated for the symptomatic relief of localised traumatic inflammation and pain.Identification:White to ivory-white, milky, uniform gel with a characteristic odour of isopropanol and perfume. Presentation:Red aluminium tubes of 30g, 60g and 100 g.Date of publication of this package insert: 06 August 2002.Indications: for the symptomatic relief of localised traumatic inflammation and pain. Application of Panamor gel to the affected area results in a decrease in swelling and a reduction in pain on pressure and movement.Aspen Pharmacare.Hotline: 0800 122 912.

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Marketing description:
Musculo-skeletal agents topical agents.


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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use:Adults:According to the size of the affected area, apply 2 to 4 g Panamor gel (1 to 2 fingertips) 3 to 4 times daily. The gel should then be rubbed in gently or massaged into the skin in case of muscular pain.Children:Confine use to adults only, as safety and efficacy have not yet been established in children.

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Diclofenac Diethylam 1.16% Gel

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